Raw Hazelnut & Chai Brownies

After six months of traveling around the world, our life has now finally settled back to normal. And that is when we realize that we don’t know what normal is anymore. Even though Luise and I have been living together for a couple of years, it feels like our life as a family starts now. Just like Elsa, we are taking our first trembling steps towards our new family life. Right now we have no idea how that life will turn out, how we will find a balance between work and family, or even in which country our life will take place during the next couple of years. You might say that we have some figuring out to do. One thing that we do know, is that we will keep on sharing our favorite recipes with you. Like these Chai & Hazelnut Brownies that Luise made the other day. We would be lying if we called them healthy, but they are at least vegan, raw and gluten free. And they taste – pardon my french – fingerlickin’ good!

Before moving on to the recipe, we want to give you some basic tips when baking with dates.
1. Always use fresh dates. They should be dry on the outside, and very soft and sticky on the inside.
2. If you have to use dried dates, you need to soak them in drinking water a couple of hours before baking with them.
3. If you can’t find dates at all you can try using raisins, dried figs, dried plums or dried apricots (remember to always soak dried fruit first).
4. When you blend dates they should turn into a very sticky paste, so you need a strong food processor or blender. If you do not have one, place the pitted dates on a plate and mash with a fork until sticky and like caramel.

Raw Hazelnut & Chai Brownies
Makes 12 brownies

What makes this cake special is that it is spiced up with chai spices, it gives it such an unique taste! Use normal tea bags, cut them open and just pour them in the dough, isn’t it easy? -and you can choose green, black or herbal chai tea!

2 cups (5 dl) fresh medjool dates, pitted
4 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil, room temperature
2 tbsp maple syrup

6 tbsp raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp ground vanilla or vanilla extract
3 chai tea bags, (or your favorite tea blend) cut them open
2 tbsp ground flax seeds, chia, psyllium or hemp
1 pinch sea salt
1/2 cup (1,2 dl) raw hazelnut, coarsely chopped (or nuts and seeds of choice)

Place all ingredients, except the hazelnuts, in a food processor or a high speed blender. Mix until smooth, you probably have to scrape the mixture down with a spoon a couple of times. Add the chopped hazelnuts and knead the ‘dough’ by hand. Cover  a brownie tin with plastic wrap and press down the dough to about 1/2 inch (1,25 cm) high. Rub a bit of coconut oil on your hands to prevent the dough from sticking. Put the cake in the fridge and let it set for a least half an hour. Cut in brownie-size pieces, dust with cacao powder and sprinkle with hazelnuts.

Photos by: Johanna Frenkel.


  • Sophie
    Un délice ! Mes adolescents l'ont dévoré 😋 . J'ai rajouté plus de noisettes crues pour plus de croquant. La prochaine fois, je mettrai un peu moins de sirop d'érable pour nous. Continuez à nous régalez au-delà de l'atlantique ! [A delight! My teenagers devoured him 😋. I added more raw hazelnuts for more crunchy. Next time I will put a little cheaper maple syrup for us. Continue to enjoy beyond the Atlantic!]
  • Does this chai meaning tea here. As in India tea is fondly known as chai.
  • Roisin
    These look amazing! But why do you say that they are not healthy? They seem pretty nutritious to me?
  • victoria
    The chai spices an inspiration! Thank you. Can anyone tell me - raw food deserts with uncooked cononut oil always taste a bit 'soapy' to me. No-one mentions it though so wondering if it is something I am doing?
  • Maria
    I made this. But the mixture didn't make it to the brownie tin, because I couldn't stop myself from eating it all straight out of the food processor. Well, lets just say it tasted really good.
  • My li'l girl wanted to bake, but it was just too hot to run the oven. So, we made something very similar to this, thanks to Emma from My Lemon Thyme who got the idea from you guys. Cheers!
  • Tracy
    OMG!! How wonderful, so refreshing to find a sweet treat that is also healthy! A little piece goes a long way :)
  • kristin
    I finally made these a few nights ago and HOLY COW! They are the BEST raw brownies I have tasted! I used this chai in it and I really think it made them better because it is a powder so it blended in seamlessly: http://bluelotuschai.com It is a spicy chai so it gave it a nice kick that really set this apart. Thank you sooooo much for sharing this recipe!
  • Karolina
    hi there! wow :) I've becoming a green junkie thanks to you! Today I was just wondering where I got the link to your website from.. no idea! However, it's saved a good taste in my kitchen. ...as I can't figure it out myself: how much dates do I really need? 5 dl would be, according to your another comment (1 dl = 6 tbsp), approx. 30 tbsp... which would be therefore 30 dates, isn't it? Cheers! Wish you great Easter holidays, Karo
    • kristin
      Woah! That sounds like a lot to me! I think I used about 15.
  • I just made these & they were marvelous. I'm going to serve them at my Christmas party as finger food, so I've rolled them into balls and put them in candy cups. Thank you!
  • Stella
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! I looooove your recipes, they are all amazing. First I tried your sushisalad, it was a succes. Then I made your fig & walnut pasta and my parents went crazy over it and same happened when I made the zucchini cupcakes and yesterday I made your sticky nutbars for my dad to snack at work and I just enjoyed my last bite of this delicious raw brownie... YUM. so in short, you have saved me from the trouble of thinking what to cook; I find all of my favorites here ;- ) tack så mycket! OCH hälsningar från Helsingfors !
  • Lily
    Hej, i really love your blog and these brownies look very delicious. i just have a little question: is there an alternative for the coconut oil? thanks :-)
  • Line
    Hej igen... Ja, så vil jeg så gerne lige igen høre, hvad ingredienserne hedder på dansk (det er ikke lige alt google-translate kan klare) :)... Endnu en gang.... Det er simpelthen sådan nogle lækre opskrifter i laver. Det er jo helt vildt.
  • Those look amazing! I Cannot wait to try them !!!!!!!!! Hazelnuts are my fave!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wow! these are delicious. Just made a batch and the boys were licking the sides of the bowl and wandering around the kitchen saying mmm... mmm...
  • Alexandra
    Hi guys, I am finally getting around to making these brownies.One question: what is a dl? (Measurement for your cocoa powder). Thank you.
    • Hi Alexandra, dl is a European unit which is equal to 2/5 cup or about 6 tbsp. Now we have changed it in the recipe, as we try to only use the American units. Thanks for pointing it out. Hope you'll like the brownies!
  • I've never eaten raw cake before, sounds interesting. The chai tea is a little different too. I've gotta try them ;) thanks

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