Rhubarb, Ginger & Strawberry Soup


My grandma had rhubarbs growing in her garden and would cook them into a sweet, tangy and unfortunately quite stringy soup with lots of little bits in it. I never liked that soup. She passed away while I was still young so I don’t remember a lot about her. But I do still remember that soup. How annoying is that!? One of the few memories you have of a person is something they cooked for you that you didn’t like. Eight year old David preferred supermarket box carton soups and powder soups that you just added water to. That ungrateful little schmuck.

Since then, I have of course come to my senses and learned to appreciate any food that someone cooks for me. Even tangy and stringy rhubarb soup. But since I don’t want to risk being remembered for a stringy soup, we give you a smooth one instead. It’s approved by eight year old David. And his children.

We made this video for our youtube channel to show how easy it is.


We like this soup because it’s so simple and fresh and comes together in just over 10 minutes. You only need a handful ingredients that you simmer, blend, (chill, if you like) and serve. It has a fruity and tangy flavour and a nice punch from fresh ginger. It’s ideal as a weekday dessert, weekend breakfast or on a brunch table.

The soup begs to be topped with something creamy. We used greek yogurt, but mascarpone, whipped cream, ice cream or any dairy free option would also work. All to your preference.

I’m a licorice fan and was surprised by how well it matched the flavors when sprinkled on top of this soup. However if you don’t like licorice, cardamom or vanilla would also be great flavor additions. We also sprinkled some edible flower petals on top because it looked pretty but chopped pistachios will probably taste better and add some crunch ;)


Rhubarb, Ginger & Strawberry Soup
Serves 8

Don’t focus too much on the exact amounts. You can use more or less rhubarb, strawberries, dates, water etc. It all depends on how sweet or tart the different fruit is, how large the dates are and how sweet flavor you want.
We usually add vanilla powder to this but it’s so expensive at the moment so we left it out. If you have some at home, add it together with the rhubarb in the sauce pan.

5 stalks rhubarb (1/2 kg / 1 lb / 2 cups chopped)
350 – 500 ml / 1 1/2-2 cups cold filtered water
1 big chunk fresh ginger

1 lime, zest
250 g / 1/2 lb strawberries
8-12 soft dates

To serve
Yogurt (or mascarpone, whipped cream or ice cream)

Licorice powder 
Edible flowers (or replaced with chopped nuts or seeds)

Trim the rhubarb and chop into 1 inch bits. Add to a wide sauce pan along with 1 cup filtered water and freshly grated ginger and lime zest. Bring to a boil, turn down the heat and let simmer until the rhubarb is starting to dissolve, around 5-8 minutes.

Pour over into a blender. Add strawberries, dates and a little more water. Mix until smooth. Taste and add more dates, strawberries, lime juice or ginger, if needed. And more water if you like it thinner. Place in the fridge too cool or serve it warm. Top with a dollop yogurt and sprinkle with licorice powder and some dried edible flower petals.


  • Marie
    Thïs has been such a succes- I have made this soup at least 10 times and everybody loves it everytime! Thank you for all your wonderful recepies !
  • Leyla
    Made this soup at least 5 times since I read the recipe. Thank you❤️ You guys add sunshine to the day:)
  • A very interesting receipe with wonderful colours, my grandmother made also rhubarb, but not as a soup, as a compote; a great idea for healthier meals. Kind regards, Dora
  • iris
    I'm certainly gonna try it. thanks for posting! Healthy eating and running make a great combo. I started a healthier lifestyle at the beginning of this year and I'm also training for a race with SportMe half marathon app and things are going great for now.
  • lucile
    Most beautiful receipe :-)
  • This looks so beautiful and delicious! The sunshine has just made an appearance here in the UK and this recipe will be perfect for the sunny long weekend! I love the video too xx
  • Daniella
    Delicious! Everyone at the table gobbled this up. Put a dollop of yogurt and sprinkled with crushed cardamom . Yum, thank you!
  • Anna
    Such a heavenly, pink delight! I've made it today, with vanilla inside and walnuts on top, and a dollop of coyo. It tasted like spring! Thank you for that great idea!
  • Greg
    Was really nice with the Mascarpone and 10 Dates. I added half a lime and my girlfriend thought it was too tart so we are going to try the rest tonight with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped in the middle. I thought it was perfect but I gotta appease the SO ;)
  • What an amazing mix of flavors in a soup! I'll be giving this a try for sure. I like the idea of chopped pistachios on top with Greek yogurt. Maybe some chopped blueberries too for a really amazing color mix. Great ideas lead to great ideas, thanks!
  • Excellent!!That is really yummy recipes and thanks for sharing.can't wait to try it.
  • I love your videos! They always inspire me to try out your recipes! Love, Christina
  • Recipes like this always amaze me. It's so unusual to find these colors in a soup but the end result looks so cool. I'm certain it tastes great too.
  • Tesia Beam
    This looks wonderful! I’m dying to try it but am allergic to dates. Would you sub maple syrup or something for a touch of sweet? How much do you think? Thanks!
    • Hi, yes we have tried it with maple syrup and it works really well. Start with 4-5 tablespoons, taste and see if you need more. You could also use a mild flavored honey. /David
  • Sasha
    At first I was surprised by the idea of liquorice powder, then I realised it was genius! It would set off the soup flavours amazingly.
  • Sounds great! Could it be frozen do jou tink? As icecream or defrosted later. I know jou guys love fresh. Me too but sometimes its good to make stuff when it's on offer. Definitely trying this soon!
  • Definitely needed this this weekend in London! x
  • Emma
    Love the video! It looks so good and perfectly simple.
  • That is really yummy recipes.Love to try it. Anindita Mou Owner| Food & Health Blogger https://besthealthyproteinbars.com
  • Loving the vibrant colours of the soup! I have never tried rhubarb soup and I love that you added greek yoghurt to it. Creamy and healthy! I love a tart soup so I might take out a few dates, but I can't wait to try the recipe overall. Thank you! ❤️ Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog http://charmainenyw.com
    • Thank you! Yes, if you like a tart soup you should definitely give it a try with a few dates less. Hope you like it! /David

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