Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Popcorn


Our “To-do in November List” was four pages long. It was a list of highs and lows. Here are a few of the topics, to give you a small glimpse of our month:
• Cooking on a morning-tv show [High]
• Working on new recipes for an upcoming project (that we soon will share) [High!]
• Getting permission to rent out our apartment while we are gone [low – because of all the boring paper work, but High because we finally got the approval]
• Releasing a Christmas update for our app (it will be out any day now) [High]
• Getting new passports [Low – we always manage to fill in something wrong on those damn forms]
• Cleaning the bathroom drain [Ultra low]
Finding some home exchanges in Australia & NZ [High – we have found a few trades that will make it a bit less restraining on our budget].
• And about a 100 other things.

And now we finally sit here in our half empty, well-cleaned apartment. All to-dos have been crossed off. Bags are packed. The kids are sleeping. And we are leaving for the airport in a few hours. We will be staying around Sydney in December and Melbourne in February. We’ll share more of our plans as they are shaping up.

This is almost too simple to call a recipe. But since popcorn + dark chocolate + sea salt is a damn good combo, that’s what we’re sharing today. Check out the video, make some popcorn and next time we’ll be writing from Australia.
xo D&L

Chocolate_popcorn_2 Chocolate_popcorn_3

Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Popcorn

Cold-pressed coconut oil or organic butter
corn kernels (organic and GMO-free)
100 g / 3,5 oz dark chocolate (80%)
sea salt

Place a large pot on medium high heat with enough oil to cover the bottom, be sure to keep the lid on the pot (you can tilt it slightly to let the moisture out). Drop a couple of kernels in, once they pop, you’re ready to add the rest and lower the heat to medium low. Add just enough to barely cover the bottom of the pot, put the lid on and wait until they begin to pop. You’ll be able to tell when it’s done when it’s about 5 seconds between each pop. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and immediately scatter the chopped dark chocolate over the warm popcorn and sprinkle with sea salt. Stir to combine. Ready to serve.


  • You guys are the best. You make even the simplest foods more delicious! The popcorn was a hit with the whole house :)
  • YUMMY!!! I've never had chocolate popcorn before, let alone sea salt popcorn! When I was younger I used to love the sticky caramel ones, so I'm so sure I'll love these ones! You didn't melt the chocolate beforehand right? Just the heat from the popcorn itself melts it? {Teffy's Perks} X
  • Simple is good! Although we don't really eat popcorn, we do watch a ton of movies. Perhaps we'll try this dark chocolate idea with friends!
  • I eat cold pressed coconut oil everyday and I'm always looking for new ways to use it. This recipe is fantastic! I like my popcorn a bit greasy as well! Thank you for sharing!
  • Have a very good time out there !
  • Cathie
    Your recipes have become family favourites .We live near Noosa in Queensland,if you happen to come up this way while in Australia we have spare rooms if you would like to stay. Have a great holiday -remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and drink lots water on our summer days.
  • I LOVE POPCORN! My mother ate popcorn throughout her pregnancy with me, so we joke that I am made out of popcorn, lol. I have never tried Sea-Salt dark chocolate popcorn though! I am eager to try it. Thank you!
  • Great combo! I hope I get the kids on board - they still prefer milk chocolate (as I did before I grew up and became all sophisticated :-)). Have a lovely time in Australia!
  • Popcorn is my weakness, I can't believe I've never tried chocolate and sea salt. Thank you for posting this easy to do recipe.
  • Laura
    Good luck on your travels! I leave in three days time to do the same, I'm in Europe though. It's a little stressful leading up but hopefully it will be worth it on Friday! :)
  • Wow! That looks delicious! I had never thought about using my coconut oil for popping! Thanks!
  • This looks so simple and delicious! I'll have to try this very soon. Have a great trip!
  • We made if for our today movie night and used coconut oil. Wow! It's delicious and it was such a pleasure to lick the melted chocolate from fingers :D
  • Sometimes the best recipes are the simple ones:) Hope you have a safe journey and I look forward to seeing your travel updates on instagram.
  • My husband has been bringing home fudge covered salted popcorn from the grocery store the last few weeks. Now I have no excuse to make it myself! Looks delicious.
  • Being from Sydney but living in London now, I felt a pang of jealousy to read that you're off to Australia. Although am extremely excited for you! You picked a glorious time of year to visit. Enjoy, the weather, food and beaches.

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