Smashed Cookie Salad with Strawberries


Cookie Salad? Cookie Salad! This is not your typical salad but with the first local strawberries of the year popping up here in Scandinavia, a smashed cookie salad seemed like a proper way to celebrate.

Every country think their strawberries are the best, but Swedish strawberries around June and July are truly unbeatable. They are plump, deep red, very sweet and so so good simply served in a bowl with just a dash of oat milk or cream. Delicious as that may be, it is not a recipe to blog about or to celebrate summer with. Hence, this cookie salad. We bake a giant cookie, smash (!) it into bits that we layer with strawberries, whipped cream and elderflowers. Apart from the childishly pleasing feeling of smashing cookies, all those oddly sized bits and pieces also are what makes the salad interesting. It has a great mix of textures and flavors, looks pretty and is very simple. It is a good dessert to make for your friends or family. You can bake the cookie ahead of time (or use any store-bought cookie) and ideally, you want to smash the cookie and assemble the salad in front of your guests. We’ve gathered a few recipe notes and suggestions how to change it up here below.

But first, check out the recipe video we made. Luise is doing a little intro talk in this video and we’d love to hear if you like us to develop this style more, or if you prefer them with just music. We are having a bit of hard time deciding ourselves.

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We love the Swedish allemansrätt!


Recipe notes:
• We made the cookie vegan to make it as inclusive as possible but you can replace coconut oil with butter if you are more into that. Vegans would obviously also use whipped coconut cream or whipped soy cream.
• Use cert gluten-free oats if you are gluten intolerant.
• The buckwheat flour can be replaced with regular flour if you like.
• You can make this into an Eton Mess by adding a larger amount of cream (and maybe even meringues) and serving it in glasses.
• You can swap the whipped cream for greek yogurt and serve this as a weekend breakfast. Or do 50/50 cream and yogurt for a more tangy dessert.
• If you have mint or lemon balm at home, those would be great additions to the salad.
• You can add any edible flowers and they are of course also entirely optional.
• If your berries are imported or not sweet enough, simply drizzle a little maple syrup, honey or elderflower syrup over the salad.


Strawberry and Smashed Cookie Salad

Vegan Chocolate Oat Cookies
200 g / 2 cups rolled oats
65 g / ½ cup buckwheat flour
4 tbsp cacao powder
3 tbsp chia seeds
150 g / 1 cup mixed almonds and pumpkin seeds (or any other nuts or seeds), coarsely chopped
½ tsp sea salt
110 g / ½ cup coconut oil or butter
125 ml / ½ cup maple syrup
125 ml / 
½ cup plant milk

Salad elements
450 g / 1 lb fresh strawberries
1 knob fresh ginger, grated
1 small lemon, juice
elderflower and lilacs or other edible summer flowers
250 ml / 1 cup whipping cream or whipped coconut cream (or Greek yogurt)

Set the oven to 200°C/400°F. Mix together the dry ingredients in one bowl. Add coconut oil, maple syrup and plant milk. Stir together and let sit for 20 minutes to allow the chia seeds and oats to thicken. Meanwhile, rinse the strawberries, cut in halves and place in a mixing bowl. Add grated ginger, lemon juice and a few elderflower florets (and honey or maple syrup if you don’t think your berries are sweet enough). Leave to infuse while you whip the cream. Pour onto a baking sheet covered with a baking paper. Flatten out and shape a large, round cookie using your hands. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until golden and firm (it will firm up more once it cools). Leave to cool and then crush the cookie into pieces. Transfer the juicy strawberries to a large serving platter. Add dollops of whipped cream (or yogurt) and tuck in the pieces of broken cookie all over. Scatter over the cookie crumbles and decorate with more elderflowers and lilacs. Crush a few strawberries in your palm to drizzle strawberry juice over the cream. Serve and enjoy!



  • Jamey
    This was wonderful. I doubled the cookie recipe and ate the second one throughout the week as a giant granola bar.
  • Lynn
    I absolutely love this format of videa, please include more of this style! The dessert obviously looks fantastic, how could it not? We are not in strawberry season yet though so for now I'll dream about warmer weather and fresh berries.
  • This video is so sweet, yes, more talking! My daughter loves Luise! She shouts every time she is on the screen, "Mom, it's Luise!" We often set the GKS Youtube Channel on repeat while we cook together. We can't wait to try the cookie! And Ella is really excited about the coconut cream. BTW, I have no idea about lilacs being edible. I have a huge tree in my yard (they are already gone). I will have to try next year! Happy Sunday!
  • The scent of elder flowers is drifting up to my bedroom window calling me to pull out my shears and make this gemlike strawberry studded dessert.
  • RachelJ UK
    Both types of video are delightful. Perhaps some recipes will just seem to flow and that dialogue isn't needed ... and others, if a bit more involved will need it. Keep up the good food / good work. Your blog is very enjoyable to read and now to watch, and of course test and taste.
  • Joana
    This video is so inspiring ! It makes you go into the kitchen and try it. Thanks Luise
  • Nadine
    Love the recipe, love the talking, love the music!
  • Stef
    Beautiful as always!! Am very keen to try it asap. :))) Reminds me of your Chocolate Granola which is a true favorite and staple here with us. Video voting: I love to hear Luises's voice, since we all feel so much like your friends after following you for quite a while. :) Still: Your music choice is so to the point that I might even prefer the more reduced version. They are like little foodblogging gemstones. Love to all of you!
  • Anjali
    OMG thats the best thing that i have come across today!! Super cool, I love your posts so much. Cant wait to try it !!!
  • Okay, you should have seen how fast I sat up when I read the words "cookie salad" -- this looks seriously amazing and different. Can't wait to try!
  • Elin
    Älskar (!!!) filmen, gärna mer :) och du är sååå himla fin. Jag gillar när du pratar när man ser dig, men inte när du inte syns 🤔. Tack för delat!
  • OUIIIII Sweet, having this this week-end for breakfast for sure :)
  • Loving this crazy salad idea! Wish we had these juicy strawberries here in Ireland. Question: if you wanted to make this cookie a bit foter and less hard/crinchy, what would you adapt? Less nuts and more flour? Or yoghurt?
  • Jennifer L.
    Wow, that is a spectacular salad idea! I do love Louise talking. Her accent reminds me of far-away things. We live in Hawaii now (from Santa Cruz, CA where you came to Nancy's avocado farm) and I miss seasonal things like strawberries and lilacs. We have no shortage of beauty here, it's just very different from the seasons I grew up with in upstate NY.
  • Not gonna lie, the cookie dough sounds absolutely divine as a dough! OMG! I would love to try making this salad. I bet smashing the cookie into bits and pieces was the funnest part of assembling this salad!
  • esmeralda
    O M G !!! this is so beautilful and simple and smart! i love the idea of smashing the cookie! <3 <3 <3 And ist a big YES for Luise talking in the video! it make's it all more real, and she is stunning!! Your family is <3 lots of love esmeralda
  • I'm your big fan from the very first start. I just love your videos, recipes and creativity and find that having Luise speaking at the beginning, it's a great idea too. She is kind of the cooking artist hiding behind you. You are most of the time writing the recipes so we kind of know you a little bit more now, we know your writing style, your humour etc.. but actually, Luise, we don't know much about her and I'm sure she is full of love to offer. Therefore having a little bit of Luise's chat before the recipe is great :) I mean it's only my opinion. I'm sure you put Elsa in front of the camera speaking about a recipe, I'll love it too! xx Jenny
  • Chiara
    Its looks stunning! So stunning that I started baking straight away! Only I'm wondering the amounts of the pumpkin seeds and almonds; is it 150 each or total? I just see it in the movie and not in the recipe. Sorry for bugging :-)
    • Hi Chiara, happy to hear that you got started right away. It's 150 g in total and the amount doesn't need to be exact. We add the nuts and seeds because we like the crunch so a little less or more is fine. /David
  • Belinda McIntosh
    This recipe looks amazing and SO simple, will definitely be trying it soon although as it's winter in Australia now I'll need to add that extra maple syrup for the extra sweetness from the fruit. And really liked the intro to the video from Luise, but I equally like the music overlay, a mix in future videos would work really well I think. Thanks Bel
  • PINNING! This looks SO lush! I was looking fro a guilt free summer dessert recipe and this might be it!
  • Absolutely love this idea! I have to admit, I'm pretty envious of those strawberries ... the ones here in the UK don't look half as good. But it won't stop me from trying the recipe :) Also love the video too! X
    • Lisa
      I've bought not great strawberries from supermarkets recently, removed the stalk, halved them and baked them in a dish in the oven at 200 for about 20 mins - they're improved by about a billion percent ! Sweet and jammy and no extra sweetness needed :)
  • Rem
    That looks delicious! One quick note: The video says to add a cup of nuts and seeds to the cookie dough but it is missing from the ingredients list in the article. Didn't realise lilac flowers are edible. Mhm.
    • Thank you so much for pointing that out Rem. We have now added the nuts and seeds to the recipe. And yes, Lilacs are edible. But mostly we like to add them because they look pretty ;)
      • Rem
        Thanks. I think, once you do proofreading for work you can't switch it off anymore and reading your recipes is so much fun. ^_^ I have just told my husband to look forward to this dessert the moment I can lay my hands on nice strawberries. I think I will use ice cream as I can't have cow's dairy and he doesn't like coconut cream. Or maybe yogurt? Ah, great options. Like an ice cream Sundae on a platter to share. The lilacs have pretty much finished here in my part of the UK but elderflowers are in full bloom around the back of the house.
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    Ok, I think this is the thousandth time you hear that but: I love your blog :) I just enjoy reading your recipes, looking at your photos, watching your videos ... Someone can just notice that you put so much thought and love in your postings. You always keep a really high level of quality. That's great! P.S.: I like the talking ;)
  • Ooo this looks so good! I shouldn't have watched the video right before lunchtime, it makes me crave desert now, haha. Also, I really like the talking in the video. It makes it much more personal and Louise is such a charming lady :-) Thank you for the recipe!
  • This looks AMAZING. Cookie salad - what a clever idea! I'm definitely making this soon! Shivani x
  • Haha, I'm loving the slightly misleading name of the dish! Cookie salad, I'm so in! It's going to be my favourite salad this summer for sure! ❤️ Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Emma
    Wow, so pretty and I love the video!
  • Orla
    Love the talking!! Much love
  • Ridhima
    Absolutely love your blog!!!!!And love Luise talking in the video :)

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