Strawberry Pancake Cake

Luise turned 25 this weekend (happy birthday!!!) and she had requested a homemade birthday cake. During our time together we have already tried a couple of different cakes, so instead of repeating myself I decided to try something new. I wanted it to look and taste like summer and after some consideration I thought it would be fun to make my own version of the classic Swedish Pancake Cake. It’s famous in Sweden because of the children’s book Pettson & Findus by Swedish writer Sven Nordqvist. You normally bake it for kids parties, but grown ups love it just as much.

The recipe is silly easy and you can vary it after your own taste. What you basically do is make a pile of thin pancakes, put different fillings or jams between the layers and top it with whipped cream and fresh fruit. I made our’s little healthier by using spelt flour and oat milk in the pancake recipe, fresh fruit instead of jam between the layers and a soya cream instead of regular whipped cream. I also made a special almond and date filling between one of the layers, since we are both crazy about almonds.

I made the pancakes the night before so I didn’t have to get up too early in the morning to prepare it.

You could use any kind of thin pancake recipe and any kind of filling between the layers so feel free to experiment. Here is what we used:

Pancake Cake
Makes a 10 layer cake

Pancake recipe:
1 1/4 cup spelt flour
2 3/4 cups oat milk
3 eggs
a pinch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

For frying: 25 g coconut oil

In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine spelt flour and half of the oat milk. Stir around and then add the rest of the ingredients. Stir around until the batter is lump-free. Fry the pancakes in a medium sized skillet with some coconut oil. Put the pancakes in the fridge so they are cold before assembling the layers.

Between the layers:
4 ripe bananas (mashed)
200 g blueberries + juice and peel from 1/2 lime
200 g strawberries (chopped and mashed)
200 g raspberries (mashed)
100 g almonds + 10 dates + 2 tbsp water (blended together)

Start with one pancake. Spread half of the banana mash on it and put a new pancake on top of it. Spread out half of the blueberries and put a new pancake on top of it. Half of the strawberries, new pancake, half of the raspberries, new pancake, all of the almond/date mixture, new pancake. Repeat until all the pancakes have filling in between the layers. The top pancake shouldn’t have any filling.

On the top:
1 cup whipped soya cream
250 g fresh sweet strawberries (divided into half)

Spread the soya cream in a thick layer on the top. Decorate with as many strawberries that you can fit on it. Don’t be concerned if it looks a bit messy. Messy is pretty.

Elsa slept through half of the morning celebration, which was good since we had some time to actually eat the cake together.


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  • loved your website and would love to cook through your recipies like the movie julie and julia. feel so inspired by your cooking. although i would have to modify a lot of them as many of the ingredients are not available in india. thank you for your wonderful ideas.
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  • Glad midsommar! I made a version of your pancake cake yesterday and it turned out way beyond expectation! I kick around with the ingredients a bit, added some mint leaves to the strawberries, used regular milk etc. and the cake was so delicious. We had the left-overs for breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee... You can see the results here:
  • [...] was about a year ago that I first saw a photo of a birthday pancake cake and knew that I wanted it for my next birthday breakfast. The pancake cake was made popular by a [...]
  • Kyrke
    Oh, I really love you for sharing this. When I was young, or let's say, younger, since I'm still a teenager, my mom used to read me Pettson&Findus all the time (in Dutch, however^^). I was (still am) in love with that little cat and I had all the books (still have). I even have a tiny stuffed animal-Findus. Nobody in Holland here knows them, expect from me and my mom, so it's really amazing to read about it all of a sudden while randomly strolling through your recipes. To the point: it's my mother's birthday next month, and I'm totally going to bake this cake :)
  • [...] before. I haven’t even eat very many crepes in my lifetime. But images like this one and this one had me craving crepes. With the crepe ratio in hand and some extra oat flour in the cupboard, I set [...]
  • camilla moen
    Dette ser kjempe godt ut :D Namnamnam! Har jo sett noe lignende før og elsker pannekaker :) Men har snart Bursdag og siden jeg ikke har ovn men bare steketopp så passer denne kaka perfekt! Så tusen takk for å ha minnet meg på denne slags kake. Gleder meg veldig til å lage den :D
  • Jennifer L. Oop, that link above doesn't seem to work. We'll try again. :-) I love pancake cakes!
  • Oh, she looks so precious. And that pancake looks wonderful!
  • Jennifer L.
    Look! We made the pancake cake for Mothers' Day! It was delightfully delicious. Here's a picture: Thank you for the great idea!
  • Happy Birthday! Mine was the 22nd, of april and IM expecting my first baby this year. Its an exciting year! Thanks for your posts and recipes, love em'.
  • Fabulous. I am just about to prepare brunch. This comes in so handy, you have no idea.
  • Ohh, that is amazing. Swedish pancake cake is the most summary thing I could think about. It make me thing about Midsummer. Mm.
  • Happy 25th Birthday, Luise! David, you did an extraordinary job in helping her celebrate! The cake is beautiful, and the images you captured of her birthday morning are so precious! Elsa looks so sweet sleeping - how adorably perfect.
  • This is beyond beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe.
  • This looks so light and delicious! thank you for the recipe. It looks like a special treat for a weekend brunch. Happy birthday to Luise! 25 is a very special age.
  • Happy Birthday to Luise! April birthdays ARE the best. :) THe cake looks lovely, and I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating! Best - Kim |
  • Jennifer L.
    I must admit that pancakes are my favorite. A pancake cake would be just dreamy. I'll have to find a way to modify it for my birthday since strawberry season doesn't extend all the way to November, even here in the lovely Monterey Bay area where strawberries can grow nearly year round. Since my family seems to all have fall/winter birthdays, we might have to have a teddy bear birthday celebration. The joys of having a two-year-old are plenty--one is that a teddy bear can have weekly birthday parties. Elsa is lovely! My daughter was born about a month before my birthday and I remember how great of a gift that was (and is). Happy Birthday!
    • Yeay! We look forward to those teddy bear parties! We might have to go and buy Elsa her first teddy bear sometime soon. You could replace the strawberries with blueberries or raspberries. Good luck!
  • Your site is unbelievably gorgeous. The pictures, the recipes, the baby.. ah! Gorgeousness all around. I'm vegetarian and definitely bookmarking your blog!!
  • This is a gorgeous cake!! I'm completely drooling now :)
  • Wow, this looks soooo good! And happy bday to Luise!
  • I'm simply in love with this blog. Happy Birthday, Luise!
  • Jag har en sambo som bara älskar pannkakstårta! Han blir som en barn på nytt! Har ni kikat in på vår nya inspirationssida Vore jättekul att se några av era bilder där! Hälsningar Linnéa
  • Gorgeous dessert. I agree with you, messy IS pretty. The baby is so sweet. :)
  • That sounds like a truly fun recipe! & awwh, Elsa is so beautiful...
  • Absolutely GORGEOUS! I just found your blog last week and have been sharing it like mad. :-) Your photos are exquisite and I love the cleanness and clarity of your blog. Just wonderful. :-)

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