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A pre-copy of our newest book, Green Kitchen Smoothies has landed in our kitchen and we are giddy as kids about it (and really proud)! Whilst we were working on the smoothie pack for our app, last summer, we realised how versatile smoothies can be and how much we loved both drinking and making them. We often enjoy smoothies for breakfast, as a healthier midday alternative to sweet snacks and drinks, as a dessert and always after a workout. So you can imagine how thrilled we where when our publisher asked us if we wanted to develop more blends and gather them all into a book that you could hold, read, flip through, give away, collect and hug (or maybe that’s just us?).

Our hope is that both experienced smoothie enthusiasts and newbies will find drinks to love in this book. It’s loaded with new smoothies, juices and nut milks, along with our favourites from the app and blog – a mix of simple smoothies and real showstoppers (with layers and toppings). We have also included granola, muesli and nut butter recipes along with lots of really handy tips and tricks. Almost 60 recipes in total, 160 pages thick and a bit smaller in size than our first books and therefore sold at a slightly lower price point (so everyone can afford one or two or three…).


We are obviously bias, but we think it’s the most gorgeous smoothie book out there. We have put a ridiculous amount of energy into creating unique photos for every smoothie and we have perfected all of the recipes meticulously. This time we even took in help from a separate tester on the other side of the globe, to make sure all the blends would taste good regardless of ingredients, season or location.

Here is a list of countries where it is available, with links for ordering.

It’s available in the UK from or Waterstones.

It’s available in Australia from

It’s available in the US from

It’s available in German from

It’s available in Dutch from

It’s available in Swedish from Bokus or Adlibris.

It’s available in Danish from Saxo.

It’s available in Polish from Foksal.

The book is also being printed in German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish in September and we will add links for pre-ordering as soon as we have that info.

We are coming to London!
To celebrate the launch of the book, Luise and I will be in London during the second week of June for a bunch of talks, supper clubs, events and book signings. We will do a talk at the Good Roots Festival on June 11th together with Sarah Britton, Deliciously Ella, the Hemsley sisters and a bunch of other inspiring people. Tickets seem to already have sold out but you might be able to sign up, in case they release extra tickets. We will post more info about our events really soon! The latest info will probably reach instagram first, so keep your eye out.


  • Kasia
    Hi there, just curious why this book is not available in Canada? I can normally buy most items on Amazon from the U.S. but this product does not ship to Canada for some reason. Do you know why? Thank you! It's really too bad because I would love a copy :)
  • Flo
    Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your new book! The photos are absolutely gorgeous! I just had a little question for you: what do you think about the studies saying that smoothies can be bad for the body because they contain too much sugar? I think it is a little too exaggerated but I must admit that it does disturb me a bit... Thanks though for all your wonderful recipes! :)
  • Ulrike
    First: Congratulations on the new book, I bet its lovely (like the one before thats on my shelfe)! Second,and of topic: a looong time ago, maybe a year, or longer you mentioned on Instagram that you have a new slow juicer.... but I can't find it anymore :( would you share the brand? I remebering looking up the homepage, but not the name! Best wishes for your beautiful family, Ulrike
  • Evelyn
    I can't wait until it's available in Sweden! :) Going on a juice diet for a few weeks to test them all, I think ;) x
  • Sigi
    I had your amazing smoothy book for a little while now. I'm determined to try most of them.The ones I made so far were very nice without exception. But since I discovered Purple Performance I want to go back to that one. It's the most delicious smoothie I had in my life! Thanks so much for your excellent work sigi
  • Floriane
    I am sooo happy: I just bought a copy of your gorgeous smoothies' book! :D The photos are wonderful and this book was exactly the only thing that I lacked of: for a couple of weeks now, I have a blender vortex waiting for the time of my birthday in the living room. Only one month left to wait and then I think I will do smoothies from morning to night!! Thanks for that treasure!
  • Julea
    Hello! Your new cookbook looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it :) I was wondering what the difference was between the UK and Canadian/US versions? I'm a Canadian living in Sweden, so thought maybe the UK version was in English but with Europena measurements (i.e. dl). Then I could buy the book earlier if so! Thanks so much! Julea
  • Jessica
    Congratulations David and Luise on your new book, it looks lovely! I have an unrelated question for you - I'm moving to Stockholm in August and would love to join a CSA (I'm South African and TERRIFIED of the cost of fresh fruit and veg over there, since we're so spoilt with the amazing fresh things here!). You often mention that you get a CSA box - can you please share the details of your CSA or recommendations for a good (and reasonably priced - I'm a student) one in Stockholm? :)
    • Thank you Jessica! We have a box from Årstiderna. They have various sizes and prices. It's not super cheap, but it is all organic and good quality.
      • Jessica
        Thanks so much :) I've just had a look and it looks great - I'll definitely be trying them when I get to Stockholm!
  • Dini
    so proud of you all! My role model for healthy family.. ;) Love, from Indonesia
  • looks FABULOUS guys you should be so proud and thrilled!!! I bet its the most stunning uplifting book too. Smoothies are the best :)
  • Really like your article and I really like smoothies too. Your book looks awesome :)
  • What a stunning looking book! This is fantastic - I love smoothies and overnight oats. Good luck with the new book and enjoy England!
  • Sharon Beck
    Is there any way those of us living in the US can get the book?
  • Congratulations! what a gorgeous cover. I can practise my Swedish for when the book is released in Stockholm.
  • Congrats you both! The photos look stunning and I bet the book is gorgeous – and very delicious! :)
  • Kjersti
    You guys are awsome! I can't wait to get the smoothie book :) You have changed the way I cook, eat and think about food. Food is such a big part of my life so in reality you have changed my life for the better. Thank you very much :)
  • Hi Luise & David, Oh congratulations you two! Will have to get a copy of this one - am sure it will be as beautiful and inspiring as your last two books. Hope you are super well and looking forward to the Swedish summer about to start - we're about to head into winter here in New Zealand, but luckily have booked a holiday for July and are actually heading to Stockholm amongst other spots! Would love to hear your top picks for vegan/organic cafes/restaurants while we're there, or if you've written a previous post on it would love to read. PS Isaac's getting so big since you were here in NZ, and such a cutie with that curly hair! Our little Mila is now 14 months, gosh time flies. x Buffy
  • Congratulations!!! Just pre-ordered the smoothie book – looks so so gorgeous, and I can't wait to try your new smoothie recipes!
  • Kathryn Mader
    Oh, I do hope your strawberry peanut butter milkshake is in there! Love that recipe. I could live on smoothies so this book is good news, indeed. BTW, there are some really bad smoothie recipes out there so it will be nice to have a resource I can count on. You are so creative, congratulations!
    • Sara
      I agree! Some really terrible recipes, even from cookbooks! Just the other day I made a smoothie by a well renowned author that was really bitter, I had to choke it down because some really expensive ingredients had gone into it that I couldn't afford to throw away. So I'm looking forward to recipes that I can rely on.
  • Katrine
    Hvor ser bogen fantastisk ud, glæder mig rigtig meget til at få den <3
  • Congrats! I can't wait to see the book in all its vibrant, healthy glory.
  • Daniela Lazo
    Will there be a Kindle version available as well?
  • Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see and "blend" through it! x
  • Congratulations on the fabulous book! I cannot wait to see it in bookstores and look at your new innovative recipes!
  • This looks gorgeous- I can't wait to check it out.
  • Ben
    That books looks like a gem. All images look amazing and I love the cover as well. Off to order it now. Can't wait! Congrats!
  • High fives, you two! Can't wait to get my hands on yet another stunning book from my favorite cookbook authors. <3

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