Broccoli Juice

We don’t have that many fancy kitchen appliances, mainly because we can’t fit anything more into our small kitchen. One that we do have and that we really use is our juice machine. It doesn’t seem to matter what we put into it, everything that comes out tastes divine. Therefore we decided to start pushing its limits: Broccoli is a great vegetable in food, but how can we make a good juice out of it?
We added orange, apple, kiwi and ginger and it actually wasn’t half bad. And if you think of all it contains it’s really a bomb; Broccoli is rich in iron, and for absorbing iron into your body you need vitamin C, which you get from the kiwi and orange. Ginger is good for a million different reasons. Luise always adds linseed or almond oil as well because it’s good for the skin and the stomach (but I like it better without …).
Ingredients broccoli juice
Broccoli Juice
1 glass

1 orange
1 apple
1 kiwi
1 handful of broccoli
2 cm fresh ginger

2 tbsp linseed oil
ice cubes

Put all the ingredients in a juice machine, pour it in a glass, add oil and ice cubes and stir. Enjoy with fresh mint leaves!


  • Anne-Marie lovely people, sorry
  • Anne-Marie
    Dear Luise, All my congratulations for the award "Best Food blog in 2013"! You desserve it so much. And all my best congratulations also for your new book! What a chance to have to lovely people on earth with so many and luscious ideas. I wish you and David lot's of success and hugs to lovely Elsa. Warmest regrds from the "wintery" Switzerland, Anne-Marie
  • Vera
    Another hit!! I just skipped the ice, because it is getting cold, and added water to help with the blending! Thank you for all the million-dollars tips and yummie recipes!!
  • AG
    Hi! This juice looks very interesting. Never thought of juicing broccoli before. I have the same juicer as yours and I'm just you have to peel the kiwi and orange before putting them in the machine? Thanks.
    • Hulya
      I had a similar juice this morning, with fruit/veg at home. Taste was good but I peeled the orange and kiwi. Just added some of the orange rind separately to intensify flavor.
  • Hi there! What a great idea! I'd love to post this with the photos tomorrow on my Glamour magazine health and fitness blog, Vitamin G. I hope that's OK (just holler if it's not). I will link back to you and send some traffic your way. Thank you! Sarah (P.S. Great blog!)
  • Wow, that is definitely an intense-sounding recipe. I do love broccoli, but I never imagined it mixed with fruit. I should roll the dice and give it a try one day!

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