Chestnut Spelt Bread

Chestnut Bread
This beautiful brown bread is made with spelt flour and the very nutritious chestnut flour, it has a very unique taste, really delicious. We got the recipe from a newsletter by this cool nutrition expert and it turned out to be a perfectly baked sweet and nutty bread.


Chestnut spelt bread
2 big bread

10 g yeast
1 tbsp sea-salt
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1½ l cold-water
1 kg whole grain spelt flour
½ kg chestnut flour
some extra virgin olive oil to grease 2 tins

Day 1: Solve yeast, salt and oil in water, add half of the spelt flour and stir it together. Add the rest in smaller amounts while you work the dough. Work it for 5 more minutes after you have added all the flour. Put the dough in 2 greased tins and put it in the fridge over the night.

Day 2: Take the breads out 30 min before baking them. Preheat the oven at 225°C. Bake the breads for 30 min, turn down the heat to 200° and bake for another 20-25 min.

Remove from tins and cool on a wire rack and serve!


  • Anna Holmes-Rand
    What size tins do you use?
    • Anna Holmes-Rand
      For anyone wondering: I used a 30x9 cm loaf tin with 7 cm high sides and the bread baked really well. I covered it with a tin foil dome for the first half hour of baking (the higher temp part) to prevent burning and uncovered the loaf for the lower temperature part of the baking (which took about 30-35 minutes instead of 20-25 because of the shape of the tin).
  • Kate
    What size tin did everyone use? Would love to try this receipt!
  • Stephanie
    Just tried this bread and it turned out ab absolutely amazing! I was just wondering, could I replace the spelt flour and use buckwheat instead? To get a gluten-free version.
  • Jodie
    Can I just ask is it 1 1/2 Litres of water or cups? My dough is quite runny is this what it is meant to be like?
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  • I have been dying to try chestnut flour. Now I have something to do with it. YAY!
  • Konni
    This recipe sounds lovely. When you say 10g yeast, you do mean dried yeast or the fresh kind? All the best
    • Hannah
      Dear Konni, in cause of the amount of yeast (10g) David and Luise recommended I'd say they mean dried and that worked for me as well :)
  • Hannah
    Just tried the bread and it turned out to be AMAZING! Thanks a lot and we are so looking forward to more chestnut recipes! :) But I go one question... for how many people you've planned that giagantic amounts of bread?! Greetings from around here!
  • Agnes
    Hi, I'd like to know what was the size of the baking dish. :) Thanks.
  • Cindy
    What size pan did you use?
  • Cristina
    Best bread ever!!!! Love your blog and your app. Hope it will be updated with more recepies soon, I tried them all, and it is so easy to use!
  • I made it yesterday (just one loaf, I halved ingredients) and it turned out great, lovely both with jam and with a rustic soup. I am going to post some pics soon, but for now, thanks a lot for sharing the recipe, we all loved it and I will surely make it again and again!
  • We have some chestnuts at home right now, but I've never heard of chestnut flour. This looks great, though!
  • Beautiful bread! I'd love to try to make 1/2 of the recipe since it's just me and my you think that would work? Also, what size tins did you use? I've got 8" round cake tins, but it's hard to tell from the photo what size your gorgeous bread is. Thanks!! ~erin
  • Any substitutes for chestnut flour that might work? Bean or rice flour?
  • Wow, thank you for this stunning rustic recipe... Chestnut flour always makes delicious dishes...
  • Stephanie: We have used grams and kilos because it's more exact than cups and teaspoons. But we have made a rough translation for you. 10 g yeast = 2 tsp dried active yeast 1 kg spelt flour = 6 cups spelt flour 1/2 kg chestnut flour = 4 cups chestnut flour Happy baking!
  • Stephanie
    Can you please tell me the conversion of the flour from kg to cups? What about the yeast, how many tsp instead of grams? It looks so delicious, i would like to try the recipe! Thanks
  • Love everything about your site! The layout and the photos. I love huge photos. And I also had a chestnut bread in my to-do list... I have to try it!

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