Crispy Red Cabbage Salad

Red cabbage is a genuine Christmas ingredient in Denmark and Sweden. Often it’s served cooked with sugar. My mom and me made this crispier version of a Red Cabbage Salad some Christmases ago and we’ve been keeping on making it ever since. We often bring it to dinner parties around Christmas time and tonight we are bringing it to a family dinner at David’s moms place.

Crispy Red Cabbage Salad
Serves 6

½ red cabbage
2 oranges
20 grapes (remove the seed)
¼ red onion
100 g walnuts
1 pot of parsley

Salad dressing:
juice from ½ orange
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey

Slice red cabbage, oranges and onion very thin, chop the grapes, walnut and parsley, mix everything in a bowl. Mix the dressing in pour over the salad. Garnish with whole walnuts and parsley.


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  • K.
    Just had this delicious salad for dinner, thank you for sharing the recipe! I was a little bit sceptical about adding the honey because the salad already tasted pretty sweet due to the orange and the grapes. But finally I gave it a try, luckily, because it added an interesting kick to the flavour, making it more complex.
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  • Jeannette
    How much do you mean by 1 pot of parsley?
  • tunie
    I love making this with a mandoline so that the cabbage is super fine and soft - it's so good raw! What a good idea to add grapes and walnuts! Will try it that way next.
  • Julie
    Very nice salad. Great flavors, textures and colors.
  • I made this yesterday. So simple but so delish. Thanks :D, I'm addicted to your blog
  • Ugnė
    Love this one! Tastes so fresh and crispy :)
  • cool stuff guys, I love your blog! Cheers David
  • What a happy-looking salad! Very creative use of ingredients - will remember this one.
  • Cabbage is definitely an under-used ingredient - this reminds me why it shouldn't be so!

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