Thin Oat and Ginger Crisps


Today we drove a car on steep mountain roads surrounded by the greenest trees and bluest skies. With music on our radio and the girls singing in the backseat. We ended up in a small village called Porthino da Arrábida. We are in Portugal on holiday and we are loving it.

I am keeping this short since we are trying to minimize our indoor time on this trip. We have prepared cookies for you today, but before we give you the recipe I just wanted thank you for your warming thoughts on our last post about quitting my job. You repetably blow my mind with your kindness and encouragement. I can’t thank you enough for that.

Before we left, we played around with this oat cookie recipe. I remember eating similar cookies at my grandma’s house when I was a kid. They are supposed to be very thin, crispy, sweet and almost melt as they touch your tongue. I am not entirely sure that these cookies are as crispy as grandma’s, but they are rather close. If you use gluten free oats they will be both gluten free and vegan. I am pretty sure her’s wasn’t.



We can assure you that this is one of the easiest and quickest cookie recipe you’ll ever try. They also taste awesome. We gave them a twist by adding a hint of ginger and clove. Just be aware, there is a very fine balance between the perfect amount of clove and too much. One pinch (1/6 tsp) should be just about right.

After a vote on instagram, we also tried using them for an ice cream sandwich. It tasted awesome with some vanilla frozen yogurt. Our only problem was that we played around too long in the sun, so they quickly melted away.


Thin Oat & Ginger Crisps
Makes around 12 – the recipe can easily be doubled. Or tripled …

4 tbsp coconut oil (or butter, if you prefer), room tempered 
3 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp buckwheat flour
2 tbsp milk (soy/oat/almond/cow)
2/3 cup/200 ml/70 g rolled oats

1 tsp ground ginger
a pinch ground clove
a pinch vanilla extract
a pinch salt

Preheat the oven to 350°F / 180°C. Stir together all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Spoon up 12 pieces of dough onto a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Use the backside of a spoon (or your thumb) to flatten it out as thin as you can. They should be slightly larger than 2 inch / 5 cm wide. Bake for about 15-18 minutes or until they get a bit dark around the edges. When warm they will still be soft, but they become crispier as they cool down. Let cool on the sheet for about a minute. After a day they will loose a little of their crisp, but they still taste awesome.


PS. Great news! Our book, The Green Kitchen, will be published in Swedish, by Norstedts Förlag. It will come out Spring 2014. It looks like it will be released in a few other languages too. We will let you know about the other editions as soon as we can.


  • Theresia
    Thank you so much for this recipe. It's so simple and they taste amazing. I tried one batch (I've lost count on how many I've made) with cinnamon and cardamom - also yummy. Tip: I put the dough between two baking sheets and use a rolling pin to make the dough really thin. Then I use a glass to click out cookies.
  • Elin
    Great to hear that your book is coming in swedish! I really look forward buying it. Love your blog, beautiful pictures and great recipes! I would love it if you'd publish another post in swedish... Take care!
  • These bikkies are yummy! Great recipe. I was just a bit confused as to why they are labelled gluten free when they have oats in them?
  • Gwen
    Just discovered your blog and have already tried a few of the salad recipes--they were delicious. Love the photos! Gwen from Chicago
  • Heather E.
    Can't wait to make yet another delicious recipe from you guys! >> Heather from Texas :)
  • Vero
    I cooked these in my new oven and they were furzin' delicioso!! I almost pipi'd in my pantalonas! Thanks for the recipe! kthxbai
  • Your pictures are divine. Everything looks almost too good to eat!
  • Maria Pyrishi
    Hi guys, i am a fun of your website! I just love it! I am just about to buy a Vitamix, and I am not sure which model shall I choose. Would you recommend any? Which one do you have?
  • Great recipe. What are the best alternatives to buckwheat flower?
  • And I'd love to help you translate the book into swedish if there's any need for that!
  • These were truly wonderful. I brought them with me going out with my friends in the Stockholm archipelago and they were a success as a late night snack in the summer evening. Thanks again.
  • they look simple and delicious!!! ideal for my next afternoon in Arrabida or in any beach of this beautiful country!!! Portugal sun and sea roooooocks!!!! I hope you enjoy it! Much love
  • Maggie
    Made this yesterday afternoon! Such a yummy snack. Of course, I tried mine as an ice cream sandwich with some reduced-fat vanilla. Perfect summer treat!
  • Oh, what a wonderful recipe! I love it, and you can be damn sure I will try it soon - nothing containing ginger passes me unnoticed :D
  • This looks so jummy, love the photos!
  • Julia
    Your photography is beautiful, and your recipes are a delight to read. Best wishes in your future!
  • Camille
    These are just brilliant - my "soulmate cookie" (I think that is possible?) combining all of my favorite things in a simple and easy way! I've already made them, and they are so, so delicious. I may have to make more right now. Thank you!
  • Violette
    Would it be possible to substitute flaxseed meal or oat bran instead of the buckwheat flour? I think so but happy to hear any advice on that kind of substitution. Merci!
  • these look so delicious!
  • Yum! Ice-cream sandwich! I've been thinking of these lately! Your photos are beautiful. I love children's hands, they look so cute!
  • It seams to be the perfect cookies for after the beach! Sorry for my bad english, i'm french and i live with husband and our 4 kids in the south west coast of Portugal. Oh! and my kids love our huge pancake receipe. Its now The Sunday breakfast for us! If you have time, beaches and country side around Aljezur , Amoreira beach its our favorit, are beautifull. The touwn of Lagos too, but its so crowdy at this season. Have a nice time in this wonderfull country.
  • yumm, just made these so easy and so delicious. Thanks for giving me continued inspiration to lead a happier healthier lifestyle with your easy recipes and awesome lives.
  • I made these cookies twice today; they were lovely! The first time I tried the recipe, I thought something must be wrong because the cookie "dough" was more like a runny batter. I improvised and added in a tablespoon of flax, extra buckwheat and some organic chocolate chips. They were nice, but after reading the other comments I realized other people were having success following the recipe. I tried it again according to your instructions, and it actually turned out just fine. I shouldn't have doubted you the first time! Also, the black bean power cookies are awesome, too. I've made other black bean cookies and yours are the best! Thanks!
  • These look so delicious! My mom makes similar cookies and they are sweet and crunch and perfect. I love the idea of adding clove and ginger! I can't wait to try them!
  • Brenda
    My coconut oil was pretty runny, due to the overly warm weather we're having, so I added 1 more Tbsp of buckwheat flour. They're in the oven now...will be making another cup of coffee for pairing. Thanks for this recipe!
  • Can't wait to try them, they look so delicious! On my to do list for this summer...
  • How I've missed your posts! Definitely will try these ones out. I bought your cookbook the other day and I'm so insanely impressed, so many delicious and fantastic recipes that all look ridiculously good. Not that I was expecting any less from you guys. Thanks for being such an inspiration to us younger bloggers, your website was one of the first I read when I became vegetarian and has been a wonderful help in getting awesome meals into my diet again! :)
  • krynkals
    Ok, UPDATE! I made them! And made another batch- right now is in the oven! They are really delicious and very easy.

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