Very Green Juice

I think we have been blogging for about six months now and we still haven’t been able to come up with a decent presentation of ourselves. We have been talking about it though. How we should explain a little bit more about our food philosophy, what kind of things we always keep in our kitchen pantry, and something about our small family. We will do it really soon, maybe even during this weekend. But for now, let’s make some Very Green Juice.

This juice will probably be my favorite drink this summer. It tastes great, is very refreshing and it is only made on green fruits and vegetables!
Since I am quite the ginger-fan I tend to use quite a large piece, if you’re not used to it I recommend to start with a small piece, taste it, and maybe add some more. You make this juice easiest in a juice machine, but you could also throw the ingredients in a blender (make sure to peel the kiwi first).

Kiwi Juice
Around 4 glasses

8 kiwi fruits
3 green apples (we used granny smith)
1/2 cucumber
2 inches / 5 cm of fresh ginger
1 handful fresh mint leaves
4 ice cubes, for serving

Mix all the ingredients in a juice machine. Serve immediately with lots of ice.

I’m not sure what this picture of Elsa is doing in this post. But it was too cute to leave out …

Photo by Johanna Frenkel


  • Harvin
    Recently discovered your website, and am lovin' it! I wonder if could modify this recipe to make it a smoothie.. will try tomorrow !
  • Laura
    Great taste! I had it without the ice as I'm still struggling out of the norweigian winter but will definitely use it in the summer. Yum!
  • Valeria
    That juice seems so fresh for a hot summer day. I can't wait to try it when the warmer season kicks in. Still can't get over the fact that Elsa is sooooooooooo darn pretty! Every time I see a picture of her I swear it makes my day :D Saludos desde Venezuela
  • Nu har jag testat er juice! Funkar även i en mixer, men blir lite tjockare. Mixade med några isbitar så blev det bättre. Bra som förkylningsmedicin med ingefäran och kiwin! Kram syster
  • Elsa is adorable, and that very green juice could very well be a very big hit around my house this coming summer. You have a great blog, and the name always reminds me of the film Kitchen Stories.
  • Ohh, that is a really really great idea for a hot summer day. And would probably work really well with homemade Swedish Cupcakes..
  • Hi Elsa!!! You're adorable!! The green juice looks very fresh - and I'll be looking forward to the introduction post then :)
  • COngrats on the beautiful little one and an amazing, gorgeous blog! I've nominated you two lovely folks for an award on my blog. I hope you can swing on over to SoCal and check it out! Have a fantastic day, -Laura :)
    • Hi Laura, thanks for the sunshine award! It makes us unbelievably happy and proud to read so many nice things about this blog. /Luise
  • I just found your blog from and I love it!! I can't wait to follow along. Beautiful blog, great posts, beautiful baby. :)
  • I love the look of your photo-so pretty and clean. Oh, and that's a pretty nice baby you have there too (smile)!
  • What an amazing photo!.. both of Elsa, and of the green juice. Shame I'm allergic to kiwifruit. Love all the other flavours though.
  • Love it! The juice looks fab and the baby is so darn oldest just turned 11 yesterday- enjoy each and everyday!
  • Jennie
    That juice looks amazing! Think I need to go and by myself a juice machine right away. I look forward to read more about you guys!
  • I love the flavors you have placed in this juice! And your Elsa is adorable!
  • Beautiful presentation. It was nice seeing something so refreshing. Has me daydreaming about summer :)

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