Baked Pear Oatmeal à la So Good & Tasty

Give a warm welcome to Jacqui from So Good & Tasty. She is the last blogger to do a guest appearance here before we will be back ourselves with new recipes, stories and photos. It has been so much fun sharing some of our favorite healthy food blogs with you, and we hope that you have found their recipes as inspiring as we have. Now we are very much looking forward to get back in a kitchen again (hopefully we have found one by next week).
Jacqui has a very similar food philosophy as us, it is all about whole grains, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and making the most of everyday. If you are looking for delicious cookie recipes only using spelt
, whole wheat and unrefined sugarsSo Good & Tasty is definitely the place to go. Although this time she shares a comforting warm winter recipe perfect for the weekend breakfast. Here is Jacqui, telling you about it herself:

Winter in the Pacific NW is very rarely white and full of days below the freezing point, but we do have plenty of gray, wet days that still give that bone chilling feeling and need for warmth and a comforting meal. Days like this make me crave oatmeal in the morning more then usual because of its stick to your ribs and warming qualities.

Oatmeal has been a staple in my morning routine for as far back as I can remember. My sister and I would wake up early and get ready for school, all while my mom would be in the kitchen setting out our bowls and preparing our oatmeal. On the weekends or special occasions, oatmeal was baked in the oven over a bed of fresh fruit. Sometimes it was apples or pears, other times it was bananas or berries, but every time it was filled with spices and the sweetness of brown sugar.

I now make this same oatmeal in my kitchen, but I replace the brown sugar with pure maple syrup, almond milk for the cows milk, and use coconut butter instead of real butter to get the same creamy, slightly sweet effect, but with the ingredients I use from day to day.

What I love most about baked oatmeal is it’s versatility. You can use any fresh seasonal fruit and you can change out whatever kind of nuts and/or seeds you fancy. It’s all based on personal preference. I love meals like that. It makes enough for four hearty bowls, but if there happens to be only two of you or less, make it early in the week and enjoy the leftovers re-warmed for the next few days.

Baked Oatmeal with Pears
Serves 4-6

2 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted
1/4 cup pepitas (hulled pumpkin seeds), toasted
1/4 cup hazelnuts, toasted
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground clove
pinch of fine sea salt
1 egg
2 cups almond milk
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 ripe pears, diced
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted, plus more for greasing pan

Preheat the oven to 375˚F. Grease the bottom of a 10×8-inch baking dish with the coconut oil, set aside.
Place the rolled oats, nuts, baking powder, spices, and salt in a medium mixing bowl.
In a separate bowl beat the egg. Add to it the almond milk, maple syrup and vanilla, stir well to combine.
Spread the chopped pears into an even layer in the baking dish. Pour the oat mixture to cover the pears, then slowly pour the wet ingredients over the oats so everything is evenly soaked. Drizzle the melted coconut oil over the top and bake for 30-35 minutes. When it’s done the oatmeal should be set and lightly browned on top and your kitchen smells like cinnamon. Let cool slightly before serving.

Text & photo by So Good & Tasty


  • lisa
    At the top of your blog, you mention using "coconut butter instead of real butter," but I don't see either in the recipe. Can you explain?
  • BW
    I have to say, I was skeptical about pouring the liquid over the whole thing but it turned out beautifully! I subbed finely chopped fresh ginger and it is lovely.
  • Michelle
    Beautiful breakfast to share with a crowd! I prepared everything last night and popped it in the oven this morning. Turned out perfectly & was a hit in our household!
  • Some of your recipes like this one call for an 8x10 baking dish -is there an on line store that sells them b/c I cannot seem to fine one anywhere. Love the site!
  • Laura
    Just made this with bananas, used almonds not walnuts, and sesame seeds instead of pepitas- so, so good. I'm wondering if assembling the night before and baking in the morning would be bueno, loving this.
  • James
    I just discovered your website and this is the first recipe I tried. My first time baking oatmeal and it was really good, love the creaminess and the slightly crunchy top, and pear is one of my favorite fruits =) I can't wait to try other recipes here. I did not have nuts on hand and did not use an egg, it was delicious!
  • Shalene
    This is my go-to baked oatmeal recipe. Seriously, so good! Thank you for sharing. I'm just curious, do you think it would be possible to prepare this one night in advance, refrigerate overnight and then cook in the morning?
  • Gina
    Yum i made this today, but I did 3 pears so I could use up the old ones and used flax seed instead of the 1 egg. It was soooo delicious. I will be making this again in the cold season.
    • Hi - I'm new to the whole plant-based/vegan diet. I would LOVE to make this (peaches and blueberries instead of pear since it is summer), but I am not eating eggs. How do you sub flax seeds for the egg?
  • Vicky Olivia
    Skøn skøn blog I har, tusind tak - jeg bruger den flittigt! Har du mulighed for at oversætte ingredienserne til dansk ? :-) Jeg fandt den danske version af bloggen - bruger I ikke den mere ? Kh Vicky Olivia
  • Asta
    this indeed was, good and tasty! nice with a variation for breakfast! easy and delicious
  • marisa rechenberg
    It sounds and looks delicious, but I was intrigued by the addition of baking power to it - what is it for, and can I take it out? :)
  • This is my new favorite thing. I'm kind of obsessed with it actually. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I think. Here's my version:
  • Sini
    Oh how I love baked oatmeal! My mom used to make it with apples. Such happy memories. Now I really am craving for a warm bowl of this dish. Such a nice post, Jacqui!
  • wow jacqui, this looks fantastic. I've never made oatmeal this way. Thanks!
  • What a unique take on porridge - and I live in the home of porridge - Scotland! I've got a pile of stunning pink forced rhubarb that would be perfect for the fruity bottom. My cancer nutrition class will love this one as an after-lunch pudding. Thanks!
  • Such a simple, flavorful... rustic recipe. Just seeing these pictures make me feel all warm and cozy inside.
  • This blog is so beautiful! Recipes, photos, text... everything!
  • Another great looking recipe! I have been printing like mad off your site and can't wait to tackle all of these!
  • Just discovered your site. It is amazingly beautiful, thank you for sharing your recipes, lives and talents with us! I'd love to add you to my blogroll so I can keep in touch.
  • I just love this! I'm a huge fan of oatmeal but have never baked it before. I need to do something about that!
  • Oh yum yum, I really want to try baking with coconut butter too now!
  • I was just thinking of a different way of having oatmeal (which I love!) for my breakfast! This is so perfect and sounds absolutely delicious!
  • David, Luise, and Elsa I have to thank you again for inviting me onto your beautiful blog and to be in such great company of so many other fantastic guest bloggers. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. Julie, I have actually made this without the egg when I'm out and it tastes just as delicious with or without!
  • Jacqui, this looks delish! I might have to whip this up for the week-I am also on the West Coast and rain is predicted for 7 days straight-eek. I really appreciate the coconut butter & almond milk but will sneak the egg out in my case-Yuuumee! Thanks for sharing and congrats on a great guest post-David and Luise-hope you find your kitchen:)
  • I also love oatmeal - I eat it for lunch every day at work! But I've never heard of putting an egg in it - that seems like a good way to add some protein, so thanks for sharing!
  • oh, how delicious! i've made versions of this before... and i can definitely say that it is one of the best breakfasts ever!
  • It feels a little bit strange commenting on our own blog, but I just had to tell you Jacqui how crazy I am about oatmeal. I have, as a matter of fact, always made sure that I've had a bag of oat in my luggage all through this trip! Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe! /Luise
  • Another beautiful guest post! I discovered your site a couple weeks ago and have been coming back every day for more. Such beautiful pictures and simple delicious food. Can't wait to hear more about the trip!
  • This looks amazing. I love nothing more than a bowl of oats in the morning! I can't wait to try this. I recently found your site and it is so beautiful. Your photography and love for food are so inspiring! Thanks!
  • Janet
    Mmm I love oat porridge but has never tried to bake it before. It sounds so yummy!
    • kathleen
      O.K. Recipes look great but on pages the comments/replies cover over most of the post and the entire recipe. It is just this computer or does your site have a glitch?

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