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A few years ago we had a section on this blog called Big Love where we shared links and things that inspired us at the moment – high and low. We’re reviving it today as we have too many unanswered emails and comments asking about everything from our favorite places, books, ceramics and camera gear. We also added a couple of other things to the list, like Elsa’s favorite song. Of course we’re also sharing the recipe for these Yoat jars further down in this post.

Big Love!

• Our cookbook shelf is always overflowing, here are our two latest additions. My Darling Lemon Thyme (by Emma Galloway) is a truly great book with recipes right up our alley (all vegetarian and gluten free). Tasting Rome (by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill) brings back so many memories from the time I was living there. Beautiful photography both of the city and its food.

• Luise is in love with the apron that Sara from Sprouted Kitchen made in collaboration with her sister from Stone Cold Fox. Luise is wearing it in this blog post and it can be found here.

• The ceramics from this Danish family company will make any food look pretty. Here are two examples where we have used it {uno | due}.

• If you are visiting Scandinavia, make sure to check out these links to some of our favourite places in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

• Our smoothie book is coming out in the US next week and can be pre-ordered here!

• For those of you asking about camera gear. I have a Canon EOS 5D mark iii with two different lenses. A 50 mm f/1.2 for all top shots and a 100 mm f/1.8 macro lens for all close-ups. I use the same equipment when I film videos for our youtube channel. When we travel I use this camera bag.

• If you love kombucha you should check out this incredible guide by Sarah from My New Roots.

• Even if it is our third time around, I will never get tired of seeing Luise’s tummy growing.

• Elsa is constantly humming on this song by two 14-year old Norwegian twin brothers (gone are apparently the days when she just played with teddybears and sang Twinkle Twinkle…).

• Isac’s new hair style – the boy-bun.


We call this quick breakfast recipe Yoats. It is a mashup of yogurt and oats (and a few other simple ingredients) that we prepare in jars for a simple outside breakfast in the sun. In a way, this recipe is similar to a bircher muesli as you can leave it in the fridge overnight, but because the yogurt loosens up the oats real quickly, it can also be indulged right away. For flavour and extra va-va-voom, we layer it with a rather thick raspberry and beetroot smoothie (maybe puree is a more describing word?) and also add some of it to the oats for a beautiful pink hue. The layers are not only visually appealing but also more interesting as the flavours change as you work your way through the jar. Beetroot for breakfast might sound scary but the earthiness from the root is perfectly balanced with tanginess from the lemon, sweetness from dates and fruitiness from the raspberries. We’ve tried the yoats recipe with coconut yogurt (as a vegan option) and Greek yogurt and they both taste great. Obviously you can change the flavour by simply making a different smoothie/purée.

Berry_yoats_03 Berry_yoats_04

Beetroot & Raspberry Yoats
Serves 4

2 cups / 500 ml plain thick yogurt, Greek or Turkish (vegans can use Coconut Yogurt)
1 cup / 90 g rolled oats
¼ cup /35 g sunflower seeds
1 small apple, cored and roughly grated on a box grater
1 pinch ground vanilla or vanilla extract
1 tsp freshly grated ginger or ground ginger

Beet & Raspberry Purée
1 cup / 125 g raspberries (fresh or thawed frozen)
1 small raw beetroot (approx 65 g / 2 oz), peeled and coarsely chopped or grated (depending on the strength of your blender)
½ lemon, juice
2 tbsp water
2 soft dates, pitted

To serve
fresh mint leaves, chopped
bee pollen

Place all ingredients for the yoats in a mixing bowl and gently stir to combine. Set aside.
Meanwhile prepare the purée. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Taste to see if more lemon juice, water or dates are needed. When done, mix ¼ cup of the purée with the yoats. Then divide the rest of the purée into 4 glass jars. Spoon the pink yoats into each jar. Eat right away or store in the fridge for up to a couple of days. Ideally make the recipe in the evening and serve for breakfast the following morning. Top with fresh raspberries, chopped mint and bee pollen before serving.


  • Charlotte Cox
    My goodness everything on here is SO pretty and SO delicious!! I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to make first!! Thankyou David and Luise!!
  • lea
    I saw this recipe and even though it's meant for a breakfast recipe … it is inspiring me to use the puree in my homemade kombucha…. I think I may also include the apples and ginger…..
  • We will be giving this a try! We are always looking for more healthy alternatives for our kids. I am not sure if they will enjoy the beetroot, so we may try it without first. With Greek yogurt, it should go over well. Thanks!
  • Elisabeth Habersatte
    I've made this a few times now. It always makes me so happy to have jars of pretty pink yoats in my fridge. I have added a hint of rose water to the beet puree. Such an amazing combination!
  • What a healthy treat this is great this beats ice cream any day of the week to me
  • I had this not long ago and it was simply amazing how good and healthy it was
  • You guys absolutley amaze me- constantly! You are one of my biggest inspiration to keep doing what I love doing! Thanks for that and for such a great recipe! :-)
  • Harriet
    Just made this for my breakfast although I halved the recipe as it was just for one. It was absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend making this. The beetroot and raspberries go so well together and I love the fresh ginger too. Love how I have another serving for tomorrow or maybe even later on today. Fab recipe as always Green Kitchen Stories x
  • I love that you're bringing this style of post back. Your ever expanding family just fills me with joy every time I hear about your travels and musings. This breakfast looks marvellous!! I recently made your chocolate and velvet smoothie, seriously earthy and luxurious so this will definitely be on my to make list this summer. Maybe also put a red velvet porridge on the experimental pile, sounds interesting enough to me! Can't wait for your next update and new recipes Thea X
  • Kirstin
    I made a batch yesterday and had an amazing breakfast today ;) I used blueberries instead of raspberries (just because I didn't trust them to last a lot longer). The puree's colour was of course darker but still very pretty. And the puree thickens a lot in the fridge which made eating it without any beetroot-on-white-blouse kind of accident easier ;)
    • Kirstin
      Update: I'm officially addicted. To have some variation I tried a new puree yesterday: carrots and peaches. Also delicious! Next I might do something green...
  • I feel great after a healthy recipe like this :)
  • Maree Larson
    Hej hej, Any suggestions for replacing the yoghurt for those who are diary intolerant? Cheers Maree
    • Maria T
      There is a suggestion (for vegans) in the recipe ...
  • Yes to this new series! And to oats and yogurt for breakfast. I just did a little chocolate cheesecake variation on my site today, and am now totally wanting to give this beautiful raspberry + beet version a try too! Hope your bunch is having the sweetest summer. Hugs from the US.
  • These beautiful jars of yoats look so delicious. The fuchsia color of the beetroot-raspberry purée is kinda mesmerizing! :-) xo
  • Ho appena acquistato il vostro libro (The green kitchen) che mi è piaciuto tantissimo. Da ora vi seguirò anche nel web. Anche se la traduzione da google è da interpretare, questi barattoli sono eccezionali. Seguirò sicuramente i vostri consigli. Vi abbraccio forte.
  • Wow, I really love those ceramics and guess what, they're available in Belgium! Thanks for the recipe, it looks marvelous and thanks for being such an inspiration for the whole healthy-foodworld.
  • Love the list and the recipe. Cheered me up this morning. And what a cute song haha. I can see Elsa humming it! :) x
  • Love your list of favorites. I'm a big fan of KH Wurtz as well (after I spotted it on Pinterest), but only one place sells it is the US. I may have to splurge! And your yoats sounds and looks delicious. Will definitely have to whip these up!
  • I've actually tried oats with coconut yogurt and Greek yogurt, and I have to say that both of them make oats so much creamier and fluffier! And I have to say, welcome back, Big Love! I also follow My Darling Lemon Thyme and the blog is just darling!
  • This sounds and looks amazing! I live off of fruit parfaits in the summer, especially with the addition of seeds. I most definitely will try this. Love the idea of combining beets and raspberries!
  • I ADORE those colours so much isn't fruit just incredible, especially with your beautiful photography I could get lost n those raspberries. Loving the links! :)
  • These look soooooo delicious. And I'm so glad the ceramics are available in London. MUST visit! Thanks for sharing.
  • Olga
    Totally making this soon!! Just beautiful.. you guys inspire me :)
  • Benjamin
    omg that looks so delish! love the name as well!

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