Carrots, Fennel & Sage – Roasted Veggies!

The most frequently made dish in our home is without a doubt oven roasted vegetables. It is a perfect weekday dish since the prep time is very short and the play-with-Elsa-time is very long. And you can always adjust it to what you have in your fridge. We don’t claim to have invented this dish – oven roasted vegetables is a standard in many vegetarian homes – we do however see ourselves as some kind of experts on it. Several years of roasting have given us some experience and confidence. Most of the times we throw sweet potatoes, cabbage, parsnip and maybe a broccoli in the pan, but this time we made a lighter version; carrots and fennel topped with olive oil, sage, garlic, salt & pepper. We came across a bunch of fresh Swedish carrots, which were very thin and delicate. When you use good stuff like that you don’t even have to peel or chop them. Isn’t spring fantastic?!

We added some goat cheese to the vegetables, but they are also great with any kind of bean mash, nut dip, this or this!

Before we move on to the recipe we’d like to introduce you to our newest family member, freshly imported from Thailand. The Big Knife. They used big knives like this in all Thai street kitchens, and they use them for Everything. They chopped, crushed, peeled, opened coconuts and cans and transferred vegetables to the pan on it. It didn’t take long time getting used to the big knife, and now it is almost the only one we use when we cook.

Roasted Carrots & Fennel
We are not writing any exact measurements on this recipe, just throw as much in there as you think you can eat. Correction, use more than you can eat because they taste great the day after as well. Feel free to add whatever vegetables you have on hand.

a bunch of carrots
1 fennel bulb
fresh sage
a couple of garlic cloves
anise seeds

olive oil
salt & pepper
goat cheese

Preheat the oven to 380°F/200 C°. Rinse the vegetables. Divide the carrots or leave them whole if they are not too thick. Chop the fennel bulb in medium thick slices. Put the vegetables in an oven pan and cover with fresh sage, mashed garlic cloves, anise seeds, olive oil and salt & pepper. Use your hands to make sure that the vegetables are covered in oil and spices. Roast the vegetables for almost an hour. The time depends on how big your vegetables are and how full your pan is. Spread a handful of goat cheese over the vegetables 5 minutes before you remove them from the oven. Serve with some extra goat cheese on the top.


  • I can't wait to try this. There was fennel in my CSA box and I still haven't used it. I have all these ingredients here so I can't wait!
  • Jennifer L.
    Have I mentioned that I love, love, love this dish? You are right, they taste amazing the next day; however I have a hard time saving any at all. I have to use a very small bunch of carrots. D. has been not too keen on carrots lately, but she really enjoys these the next day in her snack.
    • Hi Jennifer, I am so glad that you like it. We have the same problem with saving any leftovers. It doesn't seem to matter how big batch we make, the plate always ends up empty ... /David
  • you were right bout the leftovers... they were better the next day... thanks for sharing and I enjoy the blog. Keep up the good work.
  • Hei:) I just made this the other night (without the cheese), and it was so delicious! I didnt knew fennel was sooo good roasted! Thank you for sharing :D
  • such gorgeous pictures! You are right, such an easy and healthy thing to throw together. Sweet carrots and crisp fennel, so lovely.
  • The first picture is no short of a beautiful painting! ..can forgo all meals for a platter of this salad. Awesome simple and lovely recipe, David.
  • I LOVE roasted fennel, could eat it everyday! that first shot is so beautiful!
  • How come I never thought about roasting fennel? Unfortunately though, I have a serious aversion to carrots, so I'll have to find a different companion to it.
    • Roasted fennel is SO good! We made it again tonight with sweet potatoes instead of carrots, delicious! Happy roasting ;) /Luise
  • Roasted fennel...never tried it, I have to now... I love your new knife,it seems really perfect to chop veggies...
  • These veggies look awesome! Sometimes the simple things can be soooo good!
  • that first picture is truly a stunner! it took my breath away sitting at my office desk!
  • I also love roasted veggies. My little lady is 20 months old now and playing time with her is so much fun! In other words - fast, but delicious recipes are greatly appreciated. :)
  • The new carrots in spring are such beauties. This recipe sounds perfect for them. Oh, and with some goat cheese dip - yum! Happy weekend! x
  • My favourite and most frequently made dish!Thanks for dinner and playtime with Elsa last night :)
  • Hooray for spring! The bounty of spring and summer are what keep me going through the winter months. The farmers markets are alive and people are content to eat well prepared- yet simple- dishes- leaving more time to enjoy the lovely weather! I also love the knife, that thing could conquer the world by the looks of it!
    • So true Bianca, Spring is worth waiting for! We're on our way to the farmers market now, to buy flowers and vegetables! Happy spring! /Luise
  • I'm such a roasted veggie fan! I love how it transforms the flavors of vegetables in the most subtle and delicious way. Beautiful new addition by the way, I never thought one knife could do so much!
  • There is something so comforting about the smell of roasted vegetables. It's transformative... how it can just completely change the environment of your home into a warm, soothing place. And fennel... roasted... it puts a big smile on my face.
  • Julia E
    You had me at "fennel." I love roasted veggies, and carrots and fennel roast up so perfectly. Your blog really brightens my day when I see a new post arrive in my inbox. Thank you. I subscribe to several food blogs, but there's something special about yours. It's charming, simple, and completely approachable. The photos are always a delight as well!
  • So easy and just simple lovely. Roasted veges are a staple meal in our home as well.

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