Chocolate Chia & Raspberry Parfait


I realize that we have shared a couple of quick parfaits here before but it is quite nice to have a few different desserts to choose between when late night cravings set in. Our Apple Crunch Parfait seems to have become quite popular (not only in our house) and this new parfait is just as good. Easily explained, it’s a chai spiced chocolate chia pudding topped with a lush and creamy raspberry mousse made from only 3 ingredients! It’s one of those happy coincidences when a really simple recipe also turns out to be deliciously addictive. I could eat the mousse with a spoon straight from the food processor (and I do when David isn’t watching) but turning it into a parfait feels a little classier. This is usually served a sweet snack or simple dessert in our family but I guess it could be a pretty awesome breakfast as well.


We claim that this is an easy one to make. As a matter of fact, it is so simple that even Isac, our 18-months old toddler, can make it (well kind of). Just press play on this little video below and you’ll see for yourselves!

Chia pudding is one of Isac’s newest obsessions. I can’t believe his shirt looks so clean on these photos as he normally pour those jelly seeds all over himself in an attempt to gobble a full glass in less than five seconds. He sure is a speed eating little monkey.


Chai & Chocolate Chia & Raspberry Parfait
Serves 2

Chai & Chocolate Chia Pudding
3 tbsp chia seeds

250 ml / 1 cup plant milk of choice (oat milk, almond milk, rice milk or coconut milk) 
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/8 tsp grund clove
1-2 tsp cacao powder
1 pinch sea salt

Raspberry Mousse
1 ripe avocado, stoned
200 g / 1 1/2 cups frozen raspberries (thawed) or fresh
4-5 soft dates, pitted

8 fresh raspberries

2 tsp nut butter (we used cashew nut butter)
1 tbsp desiccated coconut (unsweetened)

Whisk together chia seeds and plant milk in a bowl. Measure the spices into a small bowl, stir and then add them to the chia mixture along with cacao powder and salt. Whisk until all is mixed and there are no lumps. Leave to soak for 30 minutes, whisk one or two times in between to make sure it stays smooth. Prepare the raspberry mousse while the chia pudding is becoming thicker. Add raspberries, avocado and dates to a food processor. Run on high speed until smooth. Layer the chocolate & chai chia pudding with the raspberry mousse into two glasses or jars. Keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days in sealed jars without the topping.



  • alba
    Yes to anything with chocolate!
  • I love using chia seeds in my diet and this was a huge plus because you included chocolate :). Did you come up with this recipe on your own? That was super creative.
  • Inger
    It's yummy and looks very pretty! Thank you for the recipe(s). I use your cookbooks a lot :-) Can I ask where Isacs sweater is from?
  • Hannah
    Hi guys! I wanted to come back and comment on this post because WOW, it’s totally given me new breakfast inspiration for the first time in years. I pretty much had a smoothie - overnight oats - eggs+savory oats rotation going, and I seriously needed a new item in the mix. I have been topping this recipe with almond butter, medium shred coconut, and chopped frozen mango. SO DELICIOUS!
  • Maria
    just made it, it's delicious! and the video is lovely!
  • The raspberry Parfait looks amazing! I am always looking for interesting parfaits and smoothies for my husband as he is on a special diet. I will definitely give this one a try. Love your website...amazing photos!!
  • Irène
    Will try the recipe at the weekend but just wanted to say that Isac is just adorable!! I should be more patient in the kitchen with my own kids...
  • Inga
    Absolutely amazing! I made mine with frozen blueberries as I didn't have any raspberry in the freezer. Such a good recipe- I love the chai and chocolate combination. My boyfriend even loved it and he doesn't like avocados or chia seeds! You would never know this was so healthy! Thank you!
  • joanne
    Oops, I don't know what happened in the middle of my post, but I see 2 videos inserted in my post that I didn't put there. My question continues below the videos. Hope you can make sense of it. Thanks!
  • joanne
    I just made this recipe, but mine didn't come out looking as good as yours even though I followed the recipe to the letter. I used fresh raspberries, but once mixed with the avocado and dates, it lost that bright raspberry color and now looks like a muddied pink. How did you get the color of the raspberry mixture to come out so bright and colorful? Is the jar an 8 oz. size jar? I couldn't tell from the photo and put it into 2 pint size jars, but soon figured out that was way too large. I sampled the raspberry mixture and it was delicious! Looking forward to eating this later for dessert. Thanks!
  • This looks so yum and I will definitely try it out soon. Can I ask where that jar is from?
  • Natasha
    I made this tonight, and it was so good! The only thing was I didn't have avocado, so I just smashed some thawed raspberries and mixed them with a little quark and coconut sugar. I will definitely be making this again!
  • Suvi_B
    This was delicious. But not only, all food "starring" Elsa and Isac make our twin girls like them much better... so please keep those beautiful photos with them coming! :)
  • Carolina
    I didn't have enough avocado, so I added some nonfat greek yogurt and it worked perfectly :)
  • Stumbled upon this recipe by accident, tried it the same day, I have immediately added it to our "we have to make these more often" list. Fantastic recipe!!!
  • That really looks great! Visit this page for the best tips! Thank you :)
  • Jules
    Gorgeous mini film....just made them, deliciously simple and all lined up in my fridge ready for a scrumptious breakfast! Tasting the mousse straight from the processor is obligatory by the way! Thank you once more for your culinary inspiration xxx
  • They are putting avocados in everything these days! Awesome pics and looks like a great recipe to try :-). The little monkey looks adorable!!
  • I've made it for breakfast this morning, delicious !! Thanks for the recipe and the video is super sweet <3
  • Trine
    Can I ask where the blue dress is from? :)
  • I love the Pictures and the videos! Awesome! Thanks for sharing among us!
  • Rikki
    The pictures is what caught my eye right off the bat! I have been experimenting with other Chia recipes lately. This one is particularly interesting to me because late night cravings are a troublesome part of my diet. Anything that looks this good is most definitely worth a try. Your video makes me excited to try this tomorrow. Needless to say, breakfast will be good!
  • I want to recreate this right now! It looks super delicious you guys. And that video... too cute! x Ingrid
  • Absolutely stunning. I'm new to the chia seed world, but truly in love with it already. Thanks.
  • Hello, That look so much delicious from the pics, wonder what would be the taste. Just can't wait to taste that recipe. Thanks for sharing among us. Shantanu sinha
  • I want to eat that whole thing right now, these look so good!
  • Stefanie
    Can you substitute any berry?
  • Isac is so, so adorable! Look at those eyes! I'm loving the idea of adding avocado for the mouse. Sounds absolutely delicious and indulgent! x
  • Awww this video is the cutest! I bet isac & elsa loves helping out in the kitchen, stuffing their faces with all your delicious creations ;)

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