Warm Summer Fruit Salad + Video


If my 15 year younger self would see me know. I am sitting here writing a text that praises a warm fruit salad. Young David would have told me that I was an idiot: “Why heat fruit when you can have it cold?!” You see, young David wasn’t very fond of warm fruit. At all. Back then, I could binge eat bowls of fresh fruit, but cook or bake it and I wouldn’t touch it. Even apple pie, the one dish that every normal person loves, made my stomach turn upside down. I sometimes allowed myself to eat the part of the crust that hadn’t been touched by the fruit, but my tongue cringed from the bare thought of warm apple in my mouth.

And now I’m all of a sudden ridiculously excited about this fruit salad that has taken a quick tour through a hot oven. What happened? I would love to say that this recipe was the game changer. But truth be told, I think I just slowly learned to appreciate warm fruit, recipe by recipe.

Apart from the fact that I used to hate warm fruit and now swear by this dessert. Apart from the fact that this recipe is dead-simple and can be prepared in no-time. And apart from the fact that it includes some of the best bounty of the season and you will get all these summer-bonanza-feelings just by preparing it. Yes, apart from all that, this fruit salad is also covered in grated dark chocolate (that melts!), coconut flakes and salted almonds (that pairs oh so well with dark chocolate). Young David might not approve, but old David thinks this is pretty darn good and would like you all to give it a try.

If you are still not convinced, we created this video for our youtube channel as a final selling point: 


The original Swedish version of this dessert is called Gino. It’s baked strawberries, kiwis and bananas with white chocolate on top. Our version is quite different, but the choice of fruit and measurements are really just suggestions here, add or subtract fruit to your liking. Peaches or pineapple would also be good baked. Or raspberries. We have used fruit in season, but baking fruit is also a great way to increase the flavours during the winter season.

Luise and I haven’t entirely agreed on the baking time. Personally I think the fruit only should be heated quickly, so it’s still quite firm. Just 5-6 minutes or enough time for the chocolate to melt. Luise however prefers the fruit to be more baked and a bit softer so the juices and flavours come together more. That’s about 10-12 minutes. But we’ll leave that decision to you (in the photos and video it’s baked after Luise’s preference).


Warm Summer Fruit Salad with Dark Chocolate & Salted Almonds
Serves 4

1 cup almonds + 1 tbsp boiled water mixed with 1 tsp salt (or store-bought salted almonds)
3 kiwi fruits
3 apricots
2 bananas, peel
10 strawberries
10 cherries, pitted
2 plums, remove stones
1 lime, juice
1 oz / 30 g dark chocolate (70% or darker)
1/3 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes

Preheat the oven to 200°C / 400°F.
Prepare the almonds by placing them in a mixing bowl, pour the hot salted water over the almonds and combine until all almonds are covered. Place the almonds in a baking tray and roast in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until slightly golden and crunchy. Set aside.
Prepare the fruit by cutting them into bitesize pieces. Place the fruit in a baking dish and add the lime juice, toss to mix.
Chop the almonds and sprinkle over the fruit salad. Grate the chocolate until it covers the fruit. Sprinkle with coconut flakes and place the dish in the oven.
Bake for 5-10 minutes, until the chocolate has melted and the fruit is warm and juicy (not mushy).
Serve in bowls with a dollop thick plain yogurt or ice cream.



  • Drooling over the keyboard here... =D
  • What a great idea to have a warm fruit salad! I totally love warm fruits, and my favorite breakfast is always oatmeal with warm apples and cinnamon. I will definitely try this tomorrow as beakfast, in stead of my oatmeal :)
  • This looks so darn amazing! I think it's smart to warm up fruit a tad and serve with yogurt. It dresses up the beloved summer fruits and makes it even more special. What a beautiful dish. I can't wait to try this one out!
  • Wow this looks amazing. I wonder if it would be good with a little rhubarb thrown in there :)
  • This looks amazing! Cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing :) www.nikkisplate.com
  • Love the video! I'll be trying out this recipe soon, it looks delicious and easy to make, thank you! :-)
  • Fantastic recipe! Baked fruit is really tasty, and our fruit trees went crazy this year and produced more fruit than we can handle. I'll surely be making this! Thanks for the lovely idea and video :)
  • Hola a ustedes, que bella familia tienen Dios les bendiga mucho. Me siento muy contenta de que allan hecho este post, porque en casa hago ensaladas de frutas todo el tiempo. Lo unico que nunca la habia horneado, aqui donde vivimos hace mucho mucho calor y mi esposo y mi bebe preferimos las frutas frias para refrescarnos. Pero esto es una excelente alternativa a los dulces y a satisfacer el diente dulce. Tks...
  • wow! Gino is always yummy!
  • Only you guys could make something magnificent and original out of simply baking fruit. I'm a fruit cobbler fan so I think I'll have to side with Luise on this one and bake the fruit the longer amount of time. ;-) Especially since there's plenty of crunchy toppings.
  • This looks amazing! x http://www.trudyjohanna.co.uk
  • While making my fruit salad this morning I all of a sudden had to think about this post. So right now it's in the oven... :-) And already the scent is wonderful!
  • Brittany
    Warm the fruit! Yes! It is winter here and I want fruit. Thank you! This recipe is so wonderful and the video so playful and bright.
  • How interesting!! I am definitely going to make this for the hubby. He loves baked fruit dishes!
  • This looks so comforting without all the added rubbish usually associated with hot fruit! What a great idea!
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  • Wow, this looks so good! In autumn, I love hot apple or plum crumble that's served hot right out of the oven but never thought about making this in summer. You've just inspired me to try! Thank you!
  • Kate
    This looks beautiful. For those of us who are still in the cold, dark winter and strawberries are a distant memory... Is there a winter fruit combination that you would suggest? Thank you
  • This was a gorgeous video--fruit platters are so good I could eat one all to myself!
  • This sounds wonderful. I'm not a fan of crumble as I normally just eat the warm fruit and leave the crumble top so this sounds perfect! Thank you for sharing the recipe! H x www.hermionespantry.wordpress.com
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  • A moment of silence: I think you just might have created the most delicious recipe on earth.
  • I've never actually heard of a warm fruit salad before but it sounds really good. But now I think about it, baked fruit is really tasty. I think it would be really good with ice-cream! The Runaway Journal
  • Åh underbart! Tack för påminnelsen om det här. Brukar själv ösa på med vit choklad för det mesta. Går ju dessutom att variera frukt och bär efter säsong.
  • What a wonderful dish! I'm in between two minds about baked fruit but I'm sure this would make me a lover!
  • Oh wow this looks absolutely lovely! Can't wait to try it.

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