Warm Summer Fruit Salad + Video


If my 15 year younger self would see me know. I am sitting here writing a text that praises a warm fruit salad. Young David would have told me that I was an idiot: “Why heat fruit when you can have it cold?!” You see, young David wasn’t very fond of warm fruit. At all. Back then, I could binge eat bowls of fresh fruit, but cook or bake it and I wouldn’t touch it. Even apple pie, the one dish that every normal person loves, made my stomach turn upside down. I sometimes allowed myself to eat the part of the crust that hadn’t been touched by the fruit, but my tongue cringed from the bare thought of warm apple in my mouth.

And now I’m all of a sudden ridiculously excited about this fruit salad that has taken a quick tour through a hot oven. What happened? I would love to say that this recipe was the game changer. But truth be told, I think I just slowly learned to appreciate warm fruit, recipe by recipe.

Apart from the fact that I used to hate warm fruit and now swear by this dessert. Apart from the fact that this recipe is dead-simple and can be prepared in no-time. And apart from the fact that it includes some of the best bounty of the season and you will get all these summer-bonanza-feelings just by preparing it. Yes, apart from all that, this fruit salad is also covered in grated dark chocolate (that melts!), coconut flakes and salted almonds (that pairs oh so well with dark chocolate). Young David might not approve, but old David thinks this is pretty darn good and would like you all to give it a try.

If you are still not convinced, we created this video for our youtube channel as a final selling point: 


The original Swedish version of this dessert is called Gino. It’s baked strawberries, kiwis and bananas with white chocolate on top. Our version is quite different, but the choice of fruit and measurements are really just suggestions here, add or subtract fruit to your liking. Peaches or pineapple would also be good baked. Or raspberries. We have used fruit in season, but baking fruit is also a great way to increase the flavours during the winter season.

Luise and I haven’t entirely agreed on the baking time. Personally I think the fruit only should be heated quickly, so it’s still quite firm. Just 5-6 minutes or enough time for the chocolate to melt. Luise however prefers the fruit to be more baked and a bit softer so the juices and flavours come together more. That’s about 10-12 minutes. But we’ll leave that decision to you (in the photos and video it’s baked after Luise’s preference).


Warm Summer Fruit Salad with Dark Chocolate & Salted Almonds
Serves 4

1 cup almonds + 1 tbsp boiled water mixed with 1 tsp salt (or store-bought salted almonds)
3 kiwi fruits
3 apricots
2 bananas, peel
10 strawberries
10 cherries, pitted
2 plums, remove stones
1 lime, juice
1 oz / 30 g dark chocolate (70% or darker)
1/3 cup dried unsweetened coconut flakes

Preheat the oven to 200°C / 400°F.
Prepare the almonds by placing them in a mixing bowl, pour the hot salted water over the almonds and combine until all almonds are covered. Place the almonds in a baking tray and roast in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until slightly golden and crunchy. Set aside.
Prepare the fruit by cutting them into bitesize pieces. Place the fruit in a baking dish and add the lime juice, toss to mix.
Chop the almonds and sprinkle over the fruit salad. Grate the chocolate until it covers the fruit. Sprinkle with coconut flakes and place the dish in the oven.
Bake for 5-10 minutes, until the chocolate has melted and the fruit is warm and juicy (not mushy).
Serve in bowls with a dollop thick plain yogurt or ice cream.



  • This looks amazing! I have to say the only warm fruit I've had so far has been in apple pies, but I have a feeling I'll fall in love after trying this!
  • Dana
    This recipe looks scrumptious! I have to say the only warm fruit I've had so far has been in apple pies, but I have a feeling I'll fall in love after trying this!
  • My last comment on this was on June 17th. Since then we had this warm fruit salad every week! At least once a week ?? ... We called it "Swedish National Dessert". - All the best, Gabriele.
  • Thanks for this beautiful simple recipe, what more could you want? I look forward so much to trying it!
  • I made this recipe the other day and oh my god, it was so delicious! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)
  • This looks amazing.Cooked fruit is the best.Lovely video!
  • Okay, you convinced me with your beautiful photos, I will try tonight. Happy Feasting on warm fruit!
  • Candice
    I made this for friends last week and we all loved it, so delicious! It's winter here in Australia, so I used lots of pears and apples instead and it was a lovely winter dessert. Thank you!
  • This looks so delicious! Thank you for Sharing
  • This is hands down the most beautiful salad I've ever seen! Such a beautiful explosion of colors. Bet it tastes as good as it looks! xoxo
  • Gabriele
    The best (warm) fruit salad ever! We had it today the first time, and I think it will become one of our "basics" (dishes that are served at least once a week, my husband suggested we could eat it more often ...).
  • I thought this recipe was great! I enjoyed this. It had wonderful flavor and texture...a real comfort food! It got great reviews at a family gathering.
  • I just found your blog and I am in love. This fruit salad looks divine. I love the video you created it is a nice break from the usual photos most every other food blogger (me included) uses. I am making this tomorrow. Thank you!
  • Such a healthy version of fruit crumble, and with chocolate, too, what's not to love?
  • 10 years ago I have made a recipe like this very often, but I have forgotten about it, until now. Thank you! I have never tried it with chocolate.
  • We've never heard of Gino before but it looks so delicious! We have to try it very soon :-) x Camilla
  • This is so interesting! I've had stewed fruit before, which I really liked, but I've never heard of a warm fruit salad. This looks delicious! xx Lane
  • Valeria Pestana
    Reading this I'm realising it was nearly five years ago David confessed on the blog, in a crabapple crumble post filled with plenty of baby Elsa photos, that he couldn't stand apple pie (or baked apples in general). I was in disbelief, especially because I'm was all the contrary (I couldn't stand cold raw apples and would only have them warm and baked). These past five years seem to have vanished so quickly, however, plenty has happened along the way, for example David appreciating baked fruit, me learning to enjoy raw fruit and finally graduating, amongst other great things (your books, apps, workshops, etc) and hopefully many more to come. This post has put a few things in perspective for me on how many wonderful events can take place while time is passing by so quickly without us even realising it. Hope the next five years are filled with yet more pleasant surprises.
  • I bought far too many (well, this is relative) strawberries yesterday and after filling my freezer until it was about to explode I just made both your recent fruit leather and the crumble from your app. I also would have never thought how ridiculously amazing how strawberries would taste with the date crumble on top. Especially right from the oven ❤
  • So beautiful! Definitely giving this a try!
  • This looks amazing! I now have an idea of what to do with all the mangoes that are in season here!
  • Oh wow - I love how simple this is! And the video to go along with it is just too perfect!
  • Bonnie Sanders
    Wow! This looks delicious. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

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