Fresh Pea, Mint & Coconut Soup


Hey friends, we are only doing a quick update today to share a simple, yet scrumptious, pea recipe video that we just uploaded on our YouTube channel. We are renovating our kitchen and are currently without water and worktop, so recipe development is a tad more difficult than usual. Luise has however shown some serious magician skills through the week, creating simple, healthy meals from our somewhat sparse kitchen. We are soon posting a few of our favorite oatmeal recipes and a small list of cute places from our Copenhagen trip. So stay tuned and meanwhile enjoy this Fresh Pea, Mint & Coconut Soup.

This pea soup is gently prepared over low heat and only simmers for a short time to keep the nutrients intact and the flavor from the peas as intense as possible. If fresh peas aren’t in season you can simply use thawed frozen peas. The soup has a nice creaminess with a touch of mint and works great as a summer lunch or dinner.

Fresh Pea, Mint & Coconut Soup
Serves 4

1 tbsp coconut oil, ghee or cold-pressed olive oil
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
500 g shelled peas, about 1,5 kilo with pods (or thawed frozen peas)
1 tsp sea salt
10 sprigs fresh mint
1,5 cup / 350 ml vegetable broth or water
1,5 cup / 350 ml full-fat coconut milk
purple micro greens (or pea sprouts) for serving
cold-pressed olive oil for serving

Coarsely chop the onion and mince the garlic cloves.
Heat coconut oil in a saucepan on medium heat. Add onions and garlic and cook until soft, not browned, about 3-5 minutes.
Add the vegetable broth or water, add peas, salt, mint and coconut milk and bring to a bare simmer. Turn off the heat.
Blend, using and immersion blender, until smooth, add extra water if desired. Season to taste.
Serve in bowls and drizzle with olive oil, micro greens, salt and pepper.
Keeps for 3-5 days in the fridge.


  • You folks are kitchen wizards. I look forward to seeing what you come up with every week. Thank you for sharing your inspiring and beautiful recipes with us.
  • Gaddemon
    I'm gonna try this! Thank you for the amazing videos, these are SO helpful, they make me so much easier to make a recipe! :) so please, more and more videos!
  • Gorgeous photo, and a lovely, simple soup. Thanks for sharing. I'll be making this while fresh English peas are in abundance here. -Moira
  • This looks so delicious, you guys! I am loving the YT videos, you do a great job with the production. BTW I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel with 3 healthy/fast/easy summer breakfast recipes. I'd be honored if you took a look! Thanks and thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe. Ella
  • I can almost taste it and spell it! Looks fab!
  • Lovely recipe & photos. I recently posted a very similar soup. I used cashew cream instead of coconut milk in mine. Thanks.
  • Naima
    Hi, good if the recipe comes with the number of calories (le nombre de calorie est très important pour les Français !!:)
    • Naima, if you want to know how many calories have this soup or any other dish, check it on It's said that is 100 kcal for 100g.
    • Dear Naima, We don't put numbers on our meals, because we simply don't believe in that way of eating. We eat healthy whole food with good quality produce and without any rules or restrictions. Best Luise
  • I am a sucker for pea soup, it is my all time favorite and have a couple recipes on the blog! I am dying to try this version. On the video, the coconut milk you used seemed very thick, is it store bought or do you make it yourself at home? Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to read about oatmeal :)
    • Hi Mariela, Yes, it is store bought. It is an organic full fat coconut milk. Best Luise
  • This looks just so good... I will try next week! YOur video is awesome, too. Congratulations for this post! Lidia (TastyRules)
  • Your video is beautiful. I don't know how you found time to make this in the midst of a kitchen remodel but thank you for doing it! Lovely recipe. Can't wait to try.
  • It's amazing what you've done with a non-functional kitchen! I just made a cashew pea soup, but I love how the coconut milk in this recipe adds a sweeter, creaminess.
  • Hi Luise/David, i loved the simplicity of the dish plus the depth of flavors from the coconut oil and grated coconut and it looks beautiful as you also know :)
  • Love the video and this soup looks perfect for summer! Love the addition of coconut!
  • Hi David/Luise, I've checking your Youtube channel everyday to spot new videos since you guys first released it. This one looks amazing and I can't wait for the oatmeal-related video! I was wondering, what program do you use to edit your videos? And what kind of equipments do you guys use? Any tips for a lovely, bright video is welcoming! ;) Love, Lieke
  • Lovin the videso, so bright and colorful! Everything about this post is stunning! x
  • These soup looks fantastically refreshing! Love your videos, they are descriptive but still having shorter length - great job guys! Looking forward to your post on oatmeal!
    • Viji, you are right! It is coincidence, but if my food and pictures can be compared to GKS, I will take that any day! :)
    • Medha... you don't need to be compared; you are perfect on your own:) Your strawberry cupcake says it all! I enjoy both the blogs; just happened to notice this coincidence.
  • I absolutely love peas + mint combination... actually with a bit of green chili and it's lovely as a side dish. Ready to try this as coconut milk has been my favorite cream base as of late :) x
  • Beautiful, and great combination! I love coconut milk. We recently renovated our kitchen- took 6 weeks, and a LOT of creative cooking (set up "kitchen" in my office), since I don't like to rely on food out.
  • Alice
    I have just picked some peas the other day and I have some thai basilic and coriander left but only a few sprigs so this soup is a perfect match of what's handy in my fridge. Just need a can of coconut milk... thanks for the inspirational simplicity!
  • I am so loving these videos! It's wonderful how they are so enjoyable, yet different from what's already on YT. Great job. Looking forward to seeing more, and to the Copenhagen pics as well! Hope you guys (especially Luise!) are doing great (in spite of kitchen reno)!
  • Wow, reading the comment above unconsciously influenced me! But I guess I agree with Maryea. Ha.
  • This looks absolutely perfect. A quick and easy summer soup. You guys never disappoint!
  • This looks absolutely perfect. On my list of must-try recipes.
  • Emily
    Such a beautiful video! The soup sounds delicious. Love the addition of coconut milk.
  • this is the prettiest green!
  • This soup looks really amazing! I love your website and the recipes always taste so good!
  • I'm so enjoying these videos David and Luise. Thanks for sharing. Fresh peas, straight out of the pod, are one of summer's most delicious things!

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