Magic Mousse

Our latest experiment was a chocolate mousse. Not your everyday heavy cream-chocolate-egg-and-butter kind of mousse. This version was actually made completely without any of those ingredients! We adapted the recipe from the Danish cookbook “Kernesund Familie”.

The amazing thing with this mousse is that it is only made on bananas, cacao powder and some almond butter! And it only takes about 2 minutes (maybe less) to make.
I know we will upset some chocolatiers out there by calling it a chocolate mousse. Of course it’s more of a banana-cacao mousse, but it actually tastes a lot like chocolate mousse (it is both bitter, sweet and creamy). And consider this once again: No heavy cream. No chocolate. No eggs. No butter. Just your everyday banana and 2 minutes of your time.

You can vary this recipe in a million different ways. We’ve added soya milk to make it creamier, coffee to make it stronger, vanilla powder to make it sweeter, peanut butter instead of almond butter to make it more american …
Oh, and remember not to use black bananas! If they look a bit old they will taste too distinct.

Chocolate Mousse (adapted from danish cookbook ‘Kernesund’)
4 small portions (or 2 large …)

2 bananas
4-5 tbsp cacao powder (unsweetened)
4 tbsp almond butter or hazelnut butter

Mix it all in a blender until it becomes a mousse. Pour into glasses and put in the fridge before serving.


  • This is so delicious. Made it before with peanut butter. I think we're making it again tonight for a guilt-free dessert. I wonder if frozen bananas are okay?
  • It looks so exquisite and it sounds so simple! These two things are my favourite! :D
  • I just made it and it was incredibly good! I had neither almond nor hazelnut butter so I took some tahini. Since I didn't stick to your measurements it turned out a little too sweet – next time (like tomorrow ;) ) I'll put in more cacao-powder. Thanks for this healthy dessert !
  • olivia
    Ah, this was really yummy! I also added some soy milk, vanilla sugar and some coffee for extra flavour. Did half peanut butter/half almond butter and it turned out beautiful. Worth mentioning is that it still tastes pretty bitter (but yum) but by just adding some dates or half a tbsp of stevia it makes a huges different! :D
  • Susana_Basta Cheio
    Hi, Just awesome . Loved it!!! Susana
  • Yum! Added a date and substituted some of the cacao for carob for a bit more sweetness and stuck it in the freezer for a nice cold silky smooth mousse. Having it for dessert following the spinach crepes. Delicious, Thankyou for enabling me to change the way I eat!
  • Sini
    This is such a wonderful desert! I made this yesterday for my family (including mom in law) and everyone loved it! I didn´t put in any oil or butter, though, and I put it in the freezer so I could turn the puddings on a plate. Served them with fresh pineapple and some barberries and lemon balm twigs: it looked as delicious as it tasted!!! Thanks for such a brilliant recipe!
  • barbara
    What if your allergic to nuts? So can not use almond, peanut etc- any suggestions to use instead to make the mousse?
  • Anna
    So awesome. I've made this twice with cashew butter instead of almond. Still great! My very tall, 'too cool for health food' 13 year old LOVES it.
  • laura babai
    made this, love it. Passing this recipe on to everyone. In Israel where we often look for non dairy dishes. This is a winner. Thank, also perfect for healthy eating, of course......
  • CAM
    Just made it now. SO tasty, easy with not much guilt! Thanks :)
  • Katia
    just made this (1/2 recipe) and added a bit less almond butter than the recipe called for. amazing - and so simple!
  • Yvonne
    Hi, I just recently stumbled on site. Have made a few recipes quite successsfully. And of course very delishes. I made this pudding today and thought it had too much of a banana taste so I added 1/2 cup melted dark chocolate. Result was amazing.Thanks!!!!
  • hannah spencer
    This recipe is so so nice! Thank you so much. Just made it and popped it in the fridge for later. Had to thin it out with almond milk though as my blender wouldn't blend it without. Going to pour some organic vanilla yogurt on top and make it a chocolate and vanilla mousse! Cannot wait for dinner now!
  • Lisa
    This tasted amazing, thank you so much for the wonderful recipe!!
  • Max
    Oh my goodness.. I added some rice milk to this recipe and it was incredibly delicious, and so easy to make - thank you for putting it up!
  • navina
    just made this "mousse" - it is veryyyyy yummy - don't like soymilk and did not have any almond milk on hand so used 3 tbsp milk to loosen it up a bit - it is delicous!

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