One-Pot Butternut & Cabbage Stew


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The first morning frost has arrived and Stockholm has turned into a beautiful multi coloured autumn city. It is cold and sunny but daylight hours are quickly slipping away. The shorter days mean more time inside with warming teas, candle lights and large batches of slow-cooking food with hearty flavors, nourishing ingredients and lots of herbs.

This dish embraces autumn ingredients like butternut pumpkin, cabbage and apples, and the combination of rice and beans gives you a complete source of protein. If you live in a different climate or time-zone, you can combine any kind of grains and legumes with whatever vegetables the season is offering.

Comforting one-pot meals are cheap, no fuss-family dinners that often last for a couple of days. Not to mention how easy they are. With only one-pot simmering on the stove, you both save dishes and don’t have to focus on keeping track of several pots with different cooking times. If you soak the grains and beans in the morning, you’re set to cook everything for dinner. Apart from the general health aspects of pre-soaking grains, I have found that it’s extra important in one-pot meals, since the rice don’t dilute the colour of the stew as much when it is pre-soaked.

We also created this little one-minute video to show how easily this dish is assembled. Hope you like it. Remember to subscribe to our youtube channel for more recipe videos.


One-Pot Pumpkin, Cabbage & Rice Stew
Serves 4–6

We have kept the flavours quite simple in this stew and instead add extra herbs and diced apple as a fresh twist right before serving it. I imagine mushrooms and tomatoes would be a delicious addition in this stew too. You can also try a bolder choice of spices or other type of grains and legumes. You can even throw in a piece of parmesan rind as it simmers to add a nice umami flavour to the stew (just remember to remove it before serving).

1 large onion
4 garlic cloves
1 tbsp coconut oil, ghee or olive oil
1 butternut squash/pumpkin or hokkaido pumpkin
3 sprigs rosemary, bash them a few times with the end of a knife
1 organic lemon, zest and juice
1 small head of cabbage
1 cup uncooked whole grain rice, pre-soaked
1 cup uncooked black eyed peas, pre-soaked
water to cover, approx. 6 cups / 1 1/2 liter
1 tbsp vegetable bouillon powder (with no added MSG)
3 dried bay leaves
sea salt and pepper, to taste

To serve
plain yogurt of choice (optional)
fresh parsley, chopped
fresh apples, chopped
grated parmesan, optional

In the morning: Place whole grain rice and black eyed peas in two separate bowls, cover with (filtered) water and let soak for 8-12 hours. Then drain and rinse and they are ready to be used in the recipe.

Peel and finely chop onion and garlic. Prepare the pumpkin; peel it, divide it in half and scoop out the seeds. Then chop it into cubes. Heat oil in a large pot, add onion, garlic and rosemary sprigs, let fry for a minute or so, stirring occasionally. Add the cubed pumpkin and lemon zest and stir to combine. Slice the cabbage, discard the stem. Add cabbage, soaked and rinsed whole grain rice and black eyed peas, water, bouillon, bay leaves, salt and pepper to the pot and stir around to combine everything. Cover with a lid and bring to the boil, then lower the heat and let cook for 45-60 minutes. Check every now and then to see if more water is needed and gently stir around. It is ready to serve when the rice and peas are very tender. Serve in bowls with a dollop of yogurt, fresh parsley and chopped apples.


  • Iain and Karina
    Really unexpected flavour combinations- really tasty! We substituted peas for black-eyed beans for extra thickness in the sauce. Perfect recipe for us right now, given we have a 3 week old baby keeping us occupied!
  • Yesterday I made this, it is a nice easy stew!
  • Eileen Carpio
    Hi guys, What happens if you don't pre-soak the rice and beans please??? Thanks as always for the wonderful recipes and we bought my partner's mum your book which she absolutely loves! She's working her way through it from beginning to end. All the best :)
  • Ash
    Just made this, it is a nice easy stew! I left the lemon juice out because the instructions never indicate when to add it in. When should it have been added?
    • Marta
      I was also unsure of when to add the lemon juice. I looked at the video hoping for a clue, and it looks like Luise added it before serving, so that's what I did. I hope that helps.
  • Marta Blyth
    Just tried this recipe this evening and it was delicious. The lemon zest and parsley really add something special. It also wasn't very time consuming to prepare which is a plus with a 2 and a 4 year old. Will repeat ;)
  • The dish contains seasonal fruits & vegetables, so looks very hygienic and colorful as well... thanks for sharing
  • This is a very nice recipe. Just learned a new way to make cabbage soup with my leftover from the Xmas party. Thanks
  • Caro
    This was a revelation! My pot was too small to add all the peas, so I cooked these in some organic chicken broth in a smaller pot on the side. Final dish: The soup/stew, topped with delicious chickeny peas, with a lovely finish of extra virgin olive oil. Best.comfort food. ever. Thank you David & Luise!
  • Would you share the brand of vegetable stock you use? I found this one on Amazon that seems healthier any chance you would do a workshop in Chicago in the near future?
  • Hi there :) I tried your recipe tonight and it was delicious! A fantastic winter meal + I think it is great to have something that can 90% be made from local produce! ...And by the way, I think the lemon juice is missing in the instructions, after you mentioned it in the ingredients.
  • Chandra Lawrie
    This looks like the perfect recipe for those cold Sunday afternoons! This is a must try for me. Been trying to eat healthy and with mostly farm fresh produce and as organic as I am able. Natalie Winch has a book called Ditching the Drive-Thru and is has been the catalyst that has put me on the path of better eating and the difference it makes is amazing. I recommend her book, the site for it is and it is WELL WORTH THE READ!!
  • birgit
    we had this stew last weekend and it was as good as the fotos promised and i had to order an cast iron pot to cook this stew again and again because i love these one pot wonders next time i try to add the mushrooms because i think it will fit this stew thank you for all your inspirations lg birgit
  • Anna
    This has all the ingredients we love, but I have one BIG question -- does the house end up smelling like boiled cabbage? Sauteed, stir-fried, even roasted are yum, but boiled cabbage is just, ugh.
  • J
    This looks delicious and so perfect for Fall! I may include some roasted radicchio for the superfood benefits, but otherwise leave it as-is and enjoy it. Thank you for the sharing this!
  • We've already try it and it tastes delicious! specially that lemon touch, so surprising. Thanks for sharing!!!
  • What a great veggie recipe that i will def save and try. The one pot stews are such a lovely treat on cold fall days. Great photos as always that make my mouth water nom nom xx
  • Angie
    Hey! Thanks for another great food post. This is a bit off-topic but hope you don't mind.... We're heading to Melbourne soon and we're wondering if you have any tips for finding places to stay while we're there? It looks like you guys found some cool places on your travels last year :) Much love Angie
  • Quebec city is quite chilly as well this morning in driving cold rain. This recipe is on my list for the upcoming week! A seasonal warmth, just what I need. Best, AA
  • Lila
    I have a question. I don't have black eyed peas at home, but I do have mung beans, adzuki beans and different kind of lentils. Which of these would you recommend for this?
  • Nora
    I also added different types of mushrooms at the end and that worked. I really liked your idea of fresh apples and yoghurt as topping for this soup. Thanks!
  • Using apples as a garnish is a great idea.
  • This looks so delicious! Thank You so much for sharing this video.
  • I have recently found your blog, and love your recipe. I love the combination of pumpkin and Other :)
  • Alice
    I'm on Safari too, and everything looks fine! Sure hope whatever changes you make don't make access impossible for those of us running older versions!
  • Priya
    Can we not use the pressure cooker for this. Saves time. Your thoughts please.
  • The site looks great to me and I'm using safari. I can understand how frustrating it might be to have the site look ugly lol This dish looks beautiful! I make a similar stew/soup but with root veggies and buttercup squash and love a thick stew! Hopefully I can give this one a try :)
  • One pot stew is where it's at for me right now, yours looks so beautiful. And I'm sure your new site design will be fantastic, you both have such wonderful taste, it'll be an adventure, once you get out of the tech bog :)
  • AMAZING!! It's snowing here in Chamonix so this was the perfect dinner meal. I whipped this up today while the snow fell outside. I loved the idea of putting some parmesan rind in the stew, it tasted so fine! Thank you!
  • Hi David and Luise don't worry, it's looking pretty ok at the moment and I for one am here for your utterly delicious recipes and beautiful stories. A little typeface won't be getting in the way of all the enjoyment :-). Ooh, I'm dreading frost, got pumpkins still in the garden and need a few weeks grace!

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