Orange & Vanilla Overnight Oats + New York

A few months ago we got to spend the weekend in New York, on the way back from the Saveur Food Blog Awards. Since our time was limited we had (for once) prepared well, with a list on several places that we wanted to visit. It turned out to be such a nice little trip. We came home with holes in our shoes, our bellies full of delicious food, two vintage muffin tins and a breakfast recipe.

We had brunch at Peels one of the days, and it was there that we tried a delicious soaked oats recipe. In many ways, it was quite similar to the one we normally make at home. But their oats were soaked in orange juice – so brilliant! It gave everything a very fruity and fresh tone. Since then, we have totally adapted/stolen their recipe and made it into our own. We serve this breakfast in layers, with soaked seeds in the bottom of the glass, oats in the middle and roasted coconut flakes and fruit at the top. If you like our Raw Buckwheat Porridge, we are certain you will love this as well. We have shared the recipe at the bottom of this post. But first, some snippets from NYC.

Farmer's Market Union Square

Count me in!

Farmer's Market Union Square

Wheatgrass shot!

Farmer's Market Union Square

Union Square Greenmarket.



Buvette. Great food (a tad on the heavy side), a beautiful space and a lovely atmosphere.

The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter. Such a funny name on a juice bar. They had super delicious and fresh juices, smoothies and salads. We only went there for lunch, but they seem to have pretty awesome dinners as well. All vegetarian & non-dairy.

Williamsburg Flea Market

Williamsburg Flea Market.

Williamsburg Flea Market

People’s pops on Williamsburg Flea. That guy in the cap shaves the ice by hand, scoops it over to a cup and tops it with different syrups. Very high coolness factor on that! We suddenly felt the urge to own a big ice block and an ice shaver (or whatever it is called).


Orange & Vanilla Overnight Oats
Serves 4

1 3/4 cup / 400 ml rolled oats (preferable gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract or dried vanilla powder
1 3/4 cup /400 ml (about 4 oranges) orange juice
1/2 cup sunflower and pumpkin seeds
1 cup water for soaking
4 tbsp shredded coconut, lightly toasted
fresh fruit for serving 

In the evening: Mix oats and vanilla in a bowl, add freshly squeezed orange juice and stir to combine. Place seeds in a bowl and cover with water. Place both bowls in the fridge overnight.
In the morning: Scoop a couple of spoonfuls of soaked seeds in 4 jars or glasses. Scoop the soaked oats porridge on top of the seeds and cover with fresh fruit and lightly toasted coconut.
Keeps for 3-5 days in the fridge.



  • This looks so delicious. I wonder if we could do an apple and cinnamon version by swapping for apple juice that we have at home?
  • Hahaha! "The butcher's daughter" JUICE BAR- would go in just because of the name!Will try out the recipe; thanks!
  • Jade
    *Face palm* Do you even know what gluten is? Oats are naturally gluten free....
    • Elise
      Hi Jade, Standard store bought oats still cause some people with severe interence issues. There is still some scientific questions around oats in general (this is mentioned in the webinar by Deakin University- professor Tim Crowe- superfood or super myth- on youtube). I suspect that the reason some people buy the ones declared gluten free is because they are incredibly sensitive and other brands maybe processed where other high gluten products are and be contaminated.
  • Michelle
    Hi, great blog! Do you know if the orange juice acts like a neutralizer (like apple cider vinegar or lemon) to properly break down the phytic acid? I love the sound of this but we do not digest grains well without soaking them in this way. I'd love your feedback. Thanks!
  • And I thought berries are only great for mixing with yogurt. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.
  • Carla
    I was introduced to your website by a colleague and have found great inspiration. I enjoy the gluten free recipes and enjoy the new spin on vego meals, especially being a carnivore who wants more green! Have tried the oats and love it! I have always hated the texture of cooked oats, but know how healthy it is. Thanks for your recipes!
  • I prepared this yesterday in the evening and ate it this morning. It was yum! I really like your website and have prepared a lot of your dishes already and they turned out really good!
  • Pauline
    What a perfekt summer breakfast! Prepared them last night and couldn't wait to get up and try them - so your recipes also help me to get to university in time :D Usually I'm not a morning person at all, but when I'm preparing one of your breakfasts it's always a pleasure to start the day early :)
  • charisma
    Hi guys Wonderful website! I have become a fan of yours ever since I cooked your indian lentil soup. As someone who hates to make breakfast in the morning, I am looking for some easy recipes that I can do to eat my breakfast. My question is : how do you cook your oats daily? Also do you have a post of how you make your green smoothie online? Best Charisma
  • Emily
    Oh my goodness, this is the best oatmeal I've ever eaten! I was skeptical at first, with the seeds and not cooking anything, but it tastes so good and fresh. I can't wait to try this in the summer when there's more fruit available than just apples!
  • m. louise
    Love your recipes. Truly inspiring -- even to us carnivores! I just tried out this recipe for the second time. This time around I substituted a freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit for the orange juice. Less sweet but more refreshing. I highly recommend it!
  • Sylvia
    Luv your website but you do not use crockpot much so I would like to see how you adapt the sweet potato smoothie from
  • Heather
    These are delicious and so wonderful to wake up to. I have been making them weekly since the initial post, and just this past week tried half puffed amaranth and half rolled oats. It is just as delicious, but has a slightly more earthy taste due to the amaranth. And its nice to broaden the grain profile at breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

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