Big Love … November + London

A few days ago we made a new recipe for the blog. Our own version of Indian pakoras. They tasted great, but when we were ready to shoot them it had turned completely dark outside, so it was impossible to get a proper photo of them. That is one of the downsides with living in Sweden, it starts to get dark at 3 pm during the winter. The day after, my camera flew to China. Not kidding. My sister borrowed it as a backup, while she is there working for a travel magazine. We will have the camera back next week, so the pakoras will have to wait until then.

We have instead gathered a list of things that occupy our life at the moment. Things we love. Most of them are from our trip to London last weekend. Here goes.

• Elsa loved visiting the Hackney City Farm. She chased the chickens around for almost two hours.

• The street food at this place was super good. [scroll down for photo]

• We had a great brunch at Bistrotheque. [scroll down for photo]

• Elsa had her first crush. On a guy playing a burning tuba at Broadway market. [scroll down for photo]

• We love our followers on Facebook and twitter. When we asked where to go and what to eat and see in London, you came up with all these great places.

• I love the song A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This by The Deportees. They are a soul group from northern Sweden.

• The photos (and recipes) on this blog are always so inspiring.

• We talk about how we will make it through this winter without traveling away. We dream about strolling the Medina in Marrakech, riding camels in Northern India and visiting friends in Brazil. And Luise dreams about attending this course in Andalusia.

• Lately we have used Heidi’s cookbook a lot. And Yotam’s is still on our list to buy.

• After writing this post we will go to this underground food market to buy nuts, dried fruit and lunch. We go there a lot.

The flapjacks are from Happy Kitchen and the Heavenly Halloumi is from The Veggie Table.

Doesn’t he look amazing!?



  • Dani
    My gorgeous husband would have served you your Heavenly Halloumi at Borough Market! He was the manage of the business at the time you visited!
    • That's funny! Such a small world. I am not sure that I remember your husband, but I sure remember their food. Yum! /Luise
  • I went to London last weekend and tried the superveg burger at The Veggie Table. My boyfriend had the halloumi and loved it. Thanks so much for the tip! I just wrote a post about my great 'food finds' on my blog. Maybe some ideas for your next trip?
  • today you made me get back to the days when i lived in hackney really near broadway market. thank you for that. mariana
  • Sophie
    The Heavenly Haloumi was a constant weekend go-to when I was studying in London last year! I loved the slivered carrots + hummus + pickled onions on mine. Wonderful photos, thank you for reminding me of some wonderful memories!
  • This is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely links with us, they made me smile! Your photography is beautiful, as always.
  • Come to Brazil for the winter! I might be staying with Damaris, and I'm dying to meet the three of you!
  • Hoppas vi ses i Andalusien! Tack för alla era underbara recept, bilder och klokheter!
  • An amazing and inspiring post. Makes me want to go and explore everything this world has to offer. On a more serious note, because of health problems, I had to switch to a vegetarian diet: what is your main protein intake I wonder? Take care! xxx
    • Hi Marie-Anne, we eat beans, lentils, eggs, tofu, seeds and nuts. Not all at the same time, but at least one or two of these things every day. They are all rich in protein, and should make up for not eating meat. Good luck on your vegetarian diet! Although it might feel difficult in the beginning, we can assure you that after a while of not eating meat you won't feel like you are missing out on anything. Quite the opposite actually, as you will discover a whole lot of new possibilities. We often find that persons with special diets are much more creative in the kitchen than regular "meat eaters". Happy cooking! /Luise
  • It's always a pleasure to visit your blog! Good contents and amazing shots!
  • Your blog is always such a pleasure to look at. Beautiful pics, even without the recipe you wanted to post! : )
  • What a wonderful collection of photos. Imagine your camera having such wonderful experiences in China! Lucky camera!
  • I'm a big fan of your blog. Love the photos and the recipes. I too have been heavily using Heidi's cookbook (Farro Soup, Cauliflower Soup with Mustard Croutons and Wild Rice Casserole are big favorites) and Yotam's Plenty is terrific (and I think he leaves a lot of room for personal taste preferences). Two other books that are supposed to be absolutely fantastic are Love Soup (by Anne Thomas) and Vegetarian Cooking (Deborah Madison). Both are James Beard Nominees and I think one of them won the category. Happy Cooking! And Happy Swedish Father's Day!
  • Pigs and tubas and adorable Elsa, what a happy post! Thank you for making me smile today.
  • oh! that veggie wrap thing looks incredible! Love seeing the pictures of Elsa as she grows up. Happy Swedish Father's Day :)
  • Tack för fina London-tips! Finns alltid något nytt kul ställe där som man inte besökt tidigare. Blev lite sugen på att åka nu! Och det där man att det är helt omöjligt att fota snygga middagsbilder så här års...VET HUR DET ÄR! :))
  • Your camera will be back on tuesday! China is fantastic but COLD! xxx sis
  • Beautiful post! Looks like you had a wonderful trip.
  • Thanks so much for all these great tips! I've already written them down to bring with me to London next month!
  • Fun. I recently features Roost on my blog. I was wondering if you guys knew that blog. I'm so glad you do.
  • I loooooove the Veggie Table. Their halloumi burger is seriously the best veggie burger I've ever had. And their salads! Talk about a colorful food experience... It's like eating a rainbow :)
  • Charlie
    Louise: LOL! I've been on my feet baking all day (still have a cake to do). Anyways when I first read the beginning of your post, I had a vision of you throwing the pakora in the air like a frisbee and shooting it with a gun. I better get up and do that cake before my mind goes totally into park!
  • Great photos! The tuba player does look amazing, and so photogenic! I'm a big fan of Roost as well. Have a lovely weekend!
  • This is lovely. I too LOVE the shot of the pigs-don't they always seem to be smiling? I saw six week old baby pigs over the summer at a farm near me and unfortunately didn't have my camera, but they were just the sweetest looking things! Your photography is always inspiring, as is this list of happenings and favorites. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Thanks for sharing all these lovely food-links! I am so much into cooking lately & always looking for inspiration! (I love the shot of the pigs!!!)

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