Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies

Cookies are like tennis to me. Does that sound strange to you? As you read this Luise and Elsa are in Denmark visiting family, and I am on a tennis camp in Portugal. I have played tennis since I was a kid. Even though I have never been the most talented tennis player, I have kept on playing, once a week, year after year. My game has of course improved, but not as much as I wish. Which is why I am on this camp, maybe a trainer can show me some tricks and help me pick up my game? Cookies are like tennis for me. I have been baking cookies regularly since I was a kid, but I have never been very good at it. I can make dinners and cakes easily, but cookies … they always come out too hard, too dry or too boring.

The only way for me to succeed with cookies is to follow someone else’s recipe. These Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies are much inspired from one of Heidi’s recipes, with a few adjustments. What is so great with these cookies is that:
1. You need very few ingredients.
2. The only flour you need is spelt flour.
3. It’s a recipe without butter, sugar and egg.
4. They have got a perfect consistency, they taste great and they are vegan.

I made an attempt to adjust this recipe by using three bananas instead of maple syrup. They tasted alright but the consistency just didn’t turn out right. I am quite sure though that a more talented cookie baker can succeed with this.

So, cookies are like tennis to me. I am on a tennis camp right now to improve my tennis. Where should I go to improve my cookies? Cookie Camp?! Hey, that’s not a bad idea actually …

Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies
About 2 dozen cookies

2 cups spelt flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp sea salt
1 cup natural peanut butter
1/3 cup tahini
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/3 cup olive oil
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Set the oven to 350F. Mix 1,5 cup of the spelt flour, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, combine peanut butter, tahini, maple syrup, olive oil, and vanilla. Stir until combined. Pour the peanut butter mixture over the flour mixture and fold them together until combined, try not to over work the dough. If it is too loose, you can add some more flour to it. Drop by heaping tablespoonfuls onto parchment-lined baking sheets. Press down on each one gently with the back of a fork. It’s a loose batter, Bake for 10-12 minutes, don’t over bake or they will be dry. Let them cool for  few minutes and transfer to a cooling rack.


  • Marget
    These are fantastic! Thanks for the recipe. Two things I learned while making them: First, to bring down the fat content I replaced the oil with apple sauce. The substitution worked well. The cookies were very tender. Not at all tough or try like some lower fat cookies. Second, the back of the fork stuck to the cookies as I pressed down the dough. Dipping the fork in water before pressing down on the dough solved that problem. Marget, Chicago
  • Sabrina Aubut
    I just made these cookies last night and they are amazing. :)) i love the presence of the sea salt, a subtle contrasts with the maple syrup's sweetness. they are tender, melty like a good "sablé". I discovered your blog maybe a month a half ago and you've been my main source of inspiration for cooking! :P Keep up the good work! Sabrina, from Montreal, Canada.
  • Heidi Harris
    How crucial is the tahini? I have never used/heard of it. We just found out that our son is allergic to just about everything except 20 items. I am hesitant to try this new ingredient if I could get by without. Thank you!
    • Didi
      Since no one answerd your question, I'm going to. Tahini is sesame paste. Usually it contains only ground sesame seeds, oil and a little salt. I'm pretty sure you could make it yourself, but I'm also pretty sure it doesn't completely screw up the cookie if you don't add it. You could add some more peanut butter or other nut butter instead. Good luck. Also with your son's allergies.
  • Barb K
    I just made your peanut butter cookies and they are AMAZING!! I thought I would try them and then maybe tweak them for next time (add oats or flax or something) but they are so incredibly great that I wouldn't change a thing! (my opinion, but maybe after eating several dozen I'll need to add something for a change) I also can't stop eating your date & hemp bars, a SUPER post workout snack! (I add org. sunflower seeds, cashews and flax) I LOVE your site and just want to Thank You so much for sharing your FABULOUS recipes. I've recently been trying much harder to eat & cook only 'whole', healthy foods for my family and I love making these better choices everyday now. I love the inspiration from your family, THANK YOU!!
  • Jo
    Yummo! I just made these with what I had in the pantry. So I used wholemeal flour instead of spelt, golden syrup instead of maple and crunchy natural peanut butter. So quick and easy. Thanks :)
  • vilma
    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog!!! Congratulations and thanks for making eating healthily so delicious!
  • Fiona
    Thanks for the great recipe. I made some changes ending up with more of a biscuit than a cookie. I substituted oats (not rolled) for 1/4 of the spelt flour, and muscovado sugar for the maple syrup which I didn't have. That made it too dry so I added an egg, so not vegan. Family Very pleased with the texture which was light and crumbly, and the great taste.
  • Hello! Just made these gluten free replacing the 2 cups of spelt with 1 cup almond meal, 1/2 cup tapioca starch and 1/2 cup chickpea/besan flour. Super delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe!
  • I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES Wow they look sensational thanks for sharing your recipe
  • Karen
    Mmmm, I just ate the first one of my batch. I love the simplicity of the recipe, and the perfect sweetness. Fantastic!
  • Pure and simple; yet still such peanut buttery cookie goodness. Well done on this one; photos are so pretty.
  • KImberly
    do you think you can replace peanuts for cashews?
    • Hi Kimberly, although I haven't tried it, I am pretty certain that you could replace the peanut butter for a cashew nut butter. It's not a bad idea actually, I think I'll try it this weekend. /David
  • Casey
    Hi David I finally tried making these interesting cookies on the weekend. They taste delicious! The texture is unusual, very soft and crumbly. But it doesnt matter to me. The taste is great! Cheers for the recipe :) I played a lot of tennis as a kid/teen too and am now in my late 20s as well but not playing any at all right now. A tennis camp in Portugal sounds amazing! Casey
    • Thanks Casey, If they were too soft in their texture you might wanna try baking them a little bit longer next time. Anyway, I'm glad you liked them. /David
  • Cookies are like tennis for me too if that makes you feel any better! I always play around trying to make them super healthy only to hear mediocre comments from my crew. I'm going to keep on trying cuz one day I'll have a perfect match I'm sure of it! Perhaps it's your good lookin' recipe with an adjustment from peanut butter to almond butter and with maybe a little coconut oil, hmmmm....thanx for the inspiration, I'll keep you posted if I get brave!
    • Thanks Julie! I'm sure you will make the perfect healthy cookie, and please let me know! Happy Baking! /David
  • These look amazing. I'll try them later this week. Where in portugal are you? Are you enjoying my lovely country? I hope you are. Lots of love and smiles to you, Luise and Elsa. Rita Paraiso.
    • Hi Rita! I was in Lagos, Algarve! And yes I loved it. Luise and I have actually been there several time! It is beyond beautiful, we've even falling in love with Lissabon! Happy Spring /David, Luise & Elsa
  • In place of the maple syrup how about cooking some stoned dates with hot water and whizzing them up? I use cooked dates as a replacement sometimes and it works really well. Almond butter makes a good sub for tahini for those allergic to or don't like sesame. Gorgeous, creative photos as usual. Hope weather in Denmark as lovely as here in Scotland.
  • This may sounds strange, but I sometimes think that peanut butter can be overwhelming. I love the inclusion of maple syrup here. I can see how that could add a lovely natural sweetness to these cookies that would create the perfect balance.
  • It's time to go to the kitchen. I share a deep personal relationship with peanut butter.
  • These cookies look delicious. I love peanutbutter in cookies. Im going to have to try these out. Thanks for the recipe! Zenia

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