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When we were traveling in California we still lived a pretty normal life. We had a kitchen, we went grocery shopping, we drove a car, we washed our own clothes and we shared new recipes on this blog. Here in Asia our life is very different. We haven’t cooked a single dish ourselves, since we haven’t had a kitchen. We live in hotels and bungalows, eat in restaurants and on the street, and take a tuk tuk when we need to go somewhere. As much as we love our usual daily routines, it is very relaxing living like this. Without our daily chores we have been able to focus even more on ourselves and on spoiling Elsa with all our love. The only downside is that we can’t share any new recipes with you, even though we get so much food inspiration here. We will just have to save it for the next time we find ourselves in a kitchen.

This leads us to some great news! Since we still want to share healthy and inspiring recipes with you, we have asked a couple of our favorite bloggers (which have a similar food philosophy as us) if they would like to do a guest appearance on Green Kitchen Stories. We visit these blogs often and always find them mind-blowing and beautiful, and we are certain that you will find their recipes and photos inspiring too. We won’t reveal the names of the bloggers just yet (since everything isn’t 100% decided yet), but we already know that we will have a very impressive line-up! So check back soon for our first guest.

We’d also like to tell you a little about our traveling plans for our final three months here in Asia. We have just spent two weeks in a village in Thailand called Cha-Am. And on New Years Eve we took a plane to Saigon, Vietnam. We will travel around here for a month before returning to Thailand where we will spend our last two months. It might seem a little strange going back and forth to Thailand but it is a visa-issue-thingy. During our last months in Thailand we intend to rent a house or a bungalow with a kitchen, so hopefully we will be back with some Asia inspired recipes by then. If you know of any places we must visit or food that we must try in Thailand or Vietnam, please let us know.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Thank you so much for making it such an incredible year for us. You have given us so much strength and energy through your loving comments, tweets and e-mails. Without you this blog would not have made it through the year.


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  • just lovely, and I just left you a comment that I am going to Thailand later in the year, and here you are, already posting pics!! I love it! Just beautiful! xo
  • Tessa
    As gourmet vegetarians, you should come to Samui and try Dining On The Rocks at Six Senses Samui - we have probably the region's only ten course molecular gastronomy pure vegetarian tasting menu!! I'm working for this hotel so I'm totally biased but it's amazing!! Sorry for the "plug"!!
  • vilka fantastiska bilder! å saknar er så. men snart ses vi i thailand, cant wait! puss
  • liliana
    Thailand fascinated me since I arrived at the airport is the country where I would want to live. I recommend you visit Koh Chang island, especially in tree house. Pamela wonderful cook, you'll feel better good luck.Liliana
  • After a few months reading your blog, I just want to wish you a happy new year ! Enjoy your 3 months in Asia, and thanks for sharing your pictures and stories ! You make my day with these wonderful colors while snow is falling outside !
  • hur har jag kunnat missa den här fantastiska bloggen? glad att jag hittade hit! :)
  • Hooray for being in Asia! I've been to both Thailand and Vietnam (non-Contiki or packaged tour of course), spending much more time in Thailand. Ayuthaya is a definite highlight (ancient capital of thailand); Kanchanaburi (1 hour from Bangkok) is also a grand town (I spent 5 nights there exploring and didn't feel like I spent too long). If you make your way to northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a goer. They offer a different types of food than the South and I loved it. Let me know if you're heading up north and I'll try and find my favourite restaurant :) Happy travels!
  • Kanako
    Great blog - I just stumbled onto it today! I myself was in Koh Samui for 10 days recently and I cannot over-recommend The Spa Resort (beach location)'s Radiance Restaurant. The Spa Resorts is a detox spa, so their restaurant has an extensive raw foods menu which has won several awards.

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