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Do you know what day it is today? It is the official OMG-we-are-releasing-our-cookbook-today-day! It should now be available in book stores all over the UK. Tomorrow it will land in Australian stores. And we are only one month away from the release of the US edition, “Vegetarian Everyday”. It’s ironic that it is released today (1 April) as this whole thing has felt like an April fools’ joke from the very beginning. But we’re crossing our fingers that the book will still be on our table when we wake up tomorrow.

We did this video to celebrate the release. It features a few of our favorite breakfast recipes from the book and is a pretty honest portrayal of an early Sunday morning in our home. Hope you like it.

Directed and shot by Albin Holmqvist. Styling by Belén Vazquez Amaro. (Thank you guys!!!)
The song is ‘End of the Road’ by Noonie Bao.

We truly hope that the book will land well with you guys, our blog readers. That is actually the only thing that matters to us. If you feel like leaving a review of it, we would be forever grateful. If you haven’t ordered it yet, you can find it on If you live in Australia you can find it on Booktopia. And the US edition is available to pre-order on

If you are disappointed at us for not having a recipe today, we will definitely make it up to you in our next post. Did anyone say vegan Banana Bread …? Stay tuned.

Ps. We did a short book interview with Observer Food Monthly, you can find it here.


  • niamaduir
    I have a question about one of the recipes in the book, I purchased the US version and I have loved everything I have tried so far, but one of the recipes was very salty and I was wondering if it was suppose to be that salty or if there was a miss-print. The Hazelnut, eggplant, and mushroom packets reads that it calls for a tablespoon of salt, this made the dish really salty. I was wondering if it was meant to read one teaspoon?
  • I have no words. Just wow ! And congratulations. And wow, again !
  • christine
    I am easily seduced by a pretty looking cookbook and definitely own too many. However, after receiving yours in the mail, I think I finally bought my last one. I've been following your blog for years now (and have loved watching Elsa and the Green Kitchen name grow) but having your recipes and photos of your food in a single, beautiful book is all I need to be inspired. You've taught me the freedom of being creative, finding interesting combinations and enjoying flexibility so that I eat the way my body wants without being burdensome on others. I can't wait to see what might be next for you guys! Ps. Hope you come to Canada one day :)
  • Sandra Klinge
    How/when can you bye it in Denmark? :)
    • The Danish translation will be published in august/september. You can buy the UK version here: or /Luise
  • kw
    I just wanted to let you know that I love your new book. Seriously. I have been looking for a cookbook like this for a long time. Your food preparation seems to be more about food relationships than just food preparation. I used to live in the country with a large garden with chickens roosting nearby. One day I saw the chickens walking through the garden and saw their beauty against the backdrop of vegetables and seeds in the came flooding to mind in recognition of the relationships that were presenting. (a little macabre, poor chickens) I feel the same about your cookbook...beautiful seasonal relationships that nourish soul, body and mind. I really appreciate your efforts..I am excited to dig into the recipes and create my own relationship to your offerings. Thank you KW
  • mela
    i loooooooooove your cookbook!!! my family went over to england this month for holidays and of course they had to bring me "the green kitchen". the people from the bookstore, who order it, were over the moon! the all stuffed their nose into it and were telling my mum, what wonderful book this is, and that they each want my mum had to give them "the this is my example, give it to me now" that they would hand it over. (well it was allready the 2.example the order for her, because the first one fell on the floor...and they wouldnt sell a broken one... (aha))... i really love, how you go into details at the beginning with all kind of goods you use, beautiful pictures...thank you for sharing with us!its my new and very special treasure, and im proud of having it!!!
  • I follow your blog often and enjoy reading through different recipes. I particularly enjoy the subtle appearance of saffron, turmeric, and other spices in the recipes as they add so much aroma and intricacy to any recipe. I get inspired by so much variety of veggie dishes and although not a full time vegetarian( eat some fish or chicken every now and then, ) I appreciate the effort you put in to create appetizing and different menus from the ordinary and usual ingredients and also introducing newer ingredients that I was not familiar with. Also many thanks for one reminder about Vitamin D as even here in Colorado, we've been hit with long sun-less winter and it motivated me to get my vit D checked and sure enough me and my daughter were 3x lower than minimum normal level so we were put on special Vit D regiment by the doctor thanks to your reminder. I intend to pursue your book once it hits the US. keep up the good work!
  • FANTASTIC !!! So happy for you and badly want it !!! Will order it from Switzerland.
  • C
    That baked oatmeal looks divine! I wish the US version was put already so I can make it for someones birthday this weekend!! :). Congratulations to you both. What an amazing adventure.
  • Dr. Barbara
    The book looks impeccable! Just ordered it & I am looking forward to it. I am a writer, and I know the special feeling when you hold your book ins hands, the first time. Congratulations to your little family. And greetings from Germany, barbara
  • Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met briefly at your book signing in London :) I finally got around to posting about it on my blog (along with your Beet & Chocolate Cake recipe) at I just wanted to thank you again for all the advice and encouragement! It was such a pleasure to meet you.
  • I love your blog so I'm pretty sure about the book as well. Can I get a signed copy? Once I get back to Kuwait I might even review it on the blog - though its going to be all love I'm sure.
  • Lynne Borsos
    That's fantastic. You guys are fantastic. Thank you for what you do. I'm in the US but I think I NEED the UK version of your book.
  • How wonderful, wonderful. Congratulations - it looks absolutely stunning and very very edible. This will for sure be a birthday gift for myself. Good luck to you all, and keep the inspiration coming.
  • Lisa
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am such a big fan of your blog and I will definitely buy the book - you are an inspiration and the pictures always make me want to try all the recipes at once :-)
  • YAaah! CONGRATS! The video is just perfect. Cannot wait to get this book!
  • Caisa Fhager
    You guys are brilliant! Such a pretty and cosy video, I am soooo buying your book. Like right now. All the best wishes and a big heap of love - Caisa
  • Agneta Eker
    I just love the video and I have ordered the book from Amazon - cant't wait! But until then think I will try the banana cake and bring to work, maybe invite some of my Swedish colleagues for a fika (I am working and living in Brussels).
  • Julea
    Hello! I live in Canada (so can't order through Amazon USA), but will be coming to Sweden in one month. Do you have the book available in stores? :) I'm so excited to get it!
  • How exciting! The photos you've posted of the cover are absolutely stunning. I hope it is a hit and inspiration to all.
  • So beautiful! Congratulations and can't wait to see the book in person :)
  • beautiful! congratulations to your book which I'm just NOW ordering. It will be worth waiting to the delivery, I know ... Your blog is a true inspiration not only for the cooking but also for the love of it. Thank you.
  • Beeby K
    Made the Hash Pan last night - oh my god what an explosion of flavours! This dish entireley depends on the season and what you have in your veg drawer, but wow - one of the tastiest, easiest mid week meals!
  • I found your cookbook entirely by accident at a shop yesterday, and already I'm in love - you do such beautiful things with your ingredients! Congratulations on its publication (I had no idea it was so very recent!) - I hope The Green Kitchen does as brilliantly as it deserves to.
  • Savannah
    Your blog is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. I cannot wait for the US edition of your new cookbook! Will it include the same recipes as the UK edition? Have a lovely day, and once again your book and recipes are gorgeous.
  • celine
    the video is lovely, the food looks fresh, natural and loved. I have ordered the book too! C
  • Sophie
    Hej! Jeg kunne ikke lige finde ud af hvor jeg kunne skrive til jer, så det blev lige her, selvom det nok ikke er det rigtige sted. Jeg skal holde en fødselsdag om to ugers tid, og kunne rigtig godt tænke mig at gøre den vegetarisk! og helst med retterne herfra, da jeg er ret vild med jeres blog. Mit spørgsmål er, har i et forslag til en menusammensætning/buffet til en eftermiddags fødselsdag? Jeg er godt klar over at i sikkert har travlt, og nok ikke har tid til at sætte noget sammen, men tænkte at jeg ville prøve at spørge alligevel :) - Sophie
  • Ahh, so gorgeous you two! Can't wait for the US version!

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